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Unique Vacations In Montenegro


The country of Montenegro is located between Serbia and Albania. The country has finally thrown its image of being a shadowed and dull country and created an image of a unique country with many attractions for a vacation. It is due to the Montenegro vacations that the country has become so popular nowadays. There are many things one can do and many places one can go to while on Montenegro vacations.


Montenegro was basically a province of the Romans during the middle ages. Then, later it came under the Ottoman Empire. It fought for its independence until it finally got it ni 1877. Thus, it has a rich history. The sapphire blue shoreline of the country of Montenegro and the vast beaches along with the spectacular mountain ranges and rivers attract Montenegro vacations.


There are many unique things that you can do while on Montenegro vacations. The vast and naturally beautiful seaside of the country of Montenegro offers water sports, like sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and even just lying down and relaxing. These water sports are a big attraction for the visitors and also the main reason for vacations. There are also lush forests in Montenegro where you can go and enjoy yourself by indulging in activities like camping. Hidden by the forest is the crystal clear river of Montenegro where you can go and relax. You can even go to this place with your family and have a picnic. Surrounding this beautiful place are many resorts and restaurants that offer the local food. This place is perfect for nature lovers. There is also a naturally built bridge over the river. This river divides the place into two halves and this naturally constructed bridge connects the two parts of land. It is the only crossing that helps visitors cross the river and go to the other side of the land. The river also has a waterfall. Many visitors make boats out of light weighed material and then travel through the water by means of these boats. You feel lightweight when these boats which are made out of straw type material lift you up and take you to a ride of the water. However, these boats should be handled with care. This way you explore the beautiful scenery that Montenegro has to offer. You can see the historic places through sailing on a boat. It sounds adventurous to many people when they listen to people sailing in a boat through the entire coast. You can even sail through the same boats and explore the beautiful beaches. The best and most relaxing thing is to lay in the boat which is in a beach and relax and bath in the sun that hits your face in the most elegant way. This activity might even help you with your tanning. There are also really good hotels which provide you with the best suites to stay in. These hotels include the Queen hotel which is in Budva and the famous Iberato hotel which offers many packages for the tourists.

Tips and comments

Montenegro vacations can help to be very relaxing and a destination where you can relieve all your tension. But you must have your suite booked in the first place before going and must always have a travel guide with you because you obviously do not want to get lost in the wondrous forests of Montenegro.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 01/22/2012
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Unique Vacations In Montenegro. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.