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Vacations In The Sahara Desert - A Must For Every Desert Lover


Sahara Desert has many attractions for the visitors from all across the world to come and enjoy desert vacations. The place is a must for every desert lover. It is a place where one can find ancient dates, olives, beautiful oasis and tranquility, People are attracted for desert vacations because of these fascinating features.


The Sahara Desert is present in North Africa between the states of Mauritania and Morocco. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and has many features which attract visitors on desert vacations. The place is full of rocky and arid zones but there are a few places which are worth visiting. It is in Egypt so it follows the Arabic culture.


There are many natural wonders which are amazing to visit and explore. These places can be enjoyed only if you have proper information regarding the type of vacations that can be spent here. The place has many dunes and wonderful oasis where people can go and explore the place. There are many places in the Sahara Desert where you can go for sight seeing, see the wild life and many beautiful oasis can be visited for recreational purposes with family. You can go there with your family and have a picnic. There are many bazaars in the Sahara Desert that are built in with the same style as of the medieval times. In Sahara Desert the best place to travel is the Marrakech which shows the best of the desert culture and is the best way to spend your desert vacations. There are many live performances that are held here. The city is also full of performers and they can be seen even in every street performing and collecting money. The place has the best food shops which sell delicious food. The resorts that you can prefer for your vacations include Arabesque which caters to Arabic cuisine and has approximately 120 rooms. There is also a place called the Fig and Date which is a coffee shop and has the best Arabic style coffee that is sold there. This coffee shop is visited by a huge number of people and is full of people all the time. You can even enjoy the Sahara Desert magic at the most exclusive hotel called the Isberoto Palmyer. It is built in Arabic style and has many facilities for the tourists who come to stay here. Tourists are provided with many packages which make their vacations easy and slightly inexpensive. The tourists are also provided with suites that are designed in the best possible ways to satisfy the visitors’ needs. The luxurious hotels make the visitors amazed with the magically hospitable charm of the hotel and heavenly beautiful furniture that they come for a vacation to the Sahara Desert more often.

Tips and comments

Desert vacations also have a lot of precautions that should be followed. If you are on a vacation to the Sahara, then you must always wear thick clothes whenever you go out to explore the natural wonders of the desert. This is because the climate of the desert is arid, dry and really hot. You must wear protective creams or sun’s creams whenever you go out because the sun is at its peak all the time and you certainly do not want to get sun burned.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 01/23/2012
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Vacations In The Sahara Desert - A Must For Every Desert Lover. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.