Travel Tips For Vacations To Canada
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Travel Tips For Vacations To Canada

Published at 02/01/2012 01:45:57

Top ten destinations for Vacations to Canada

Travel Tips For Vacations To Canada

If you are planning your vacations to Canada we hereby provide you a concise guide to the best destinations.

1) Banff in Alberta: Banff is surrounded by the Rockies, and it is a combination of luxury along with great dining and great nightlife. Lake Louise is near to this place and the Kananaskis County appears to be very alluring. Do not miss this place when you go for vacations to Canada.

2) Vancouver in British Columbia: This city is famous for its Olympics history and also the world’s highest suspension bridge. Being 150 years old the city of Vancouver has become a cosmopolitan city. There are many pubs and food and drink is in plenty here. This city boasts of the world’s best sceneries and the city side beaches are beautiful. Moreover the mountains with snow-caps are a sight to see.

3) Whistler in British Columbia: The 2010 winter Olympics were held here and the city was a sight to look at that time. The summer months here are the best and many tourists are seen here in these months. The sound of the squirrels, on which the name of the city is kept, are heard everywhere. They fill the mountains with their whistle like sounds and people love to hear them.

4) Niagara Falls in Ontario: Everyone who vacations to Canada would have heard about the Niagara Falls and it’s a must to see them while visiting Canada. The falls have a spectacular view and are a hub for tourists. Summer is the best time to visit these falls. There are many fast-food joints here from all over the world and many upscale joints can also be found here.

5) Quebec City in Quebec: Quebec City boasts of the Citadel where the troops of the Canadian army stage a military ceremony. Quebec is one of the forted cities of Canada. It has strict regulations however visitors are always welcome here.

6) Montreal City in Quebec: This is a major metro in Quebec and the streets still hold the splendour of the olden times. The cafes and bistro’s hold a unique taste which reminds of Europe. Here the population is quite diverse which is quite visible in the variety of dining places and clubs.

7) Toronto, Ontario: Toronto is the centre of activity in Canada and people visiting it are mesmerized with the world class dining places and theatres Best place to go if you are going for vacations to Canada.

8) Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island:This place is a mixture of outdoor activity during the day and theatres and arts in the night. Charlottetown's culture depicts the era of the years gone by and people from far come to enjoy this glorious city.

9) Calgary, Alberta: This place is a unique blend of culture and modern amenities. The Calgary Stampede is the annually held event which is organised with well with the rodeos giving a natural touch to the event. This place is also famous for dining and nightlife also boasts of many national parks.

10) Edmonton in Alberta: The main attraction of the place is the West Edmonton Mall which has amore than 800 shops along with other amenities like the water park and also the indoor roller coaster ride.

Travel Tips For Vacations To Canada

Tips and comments

  • Vacations to Canada is ideal in summer, when the weather is beautiful.
  • Carry warm clothes with you while visiting Canada.

Vacations to Canada are fun and filled with entertainment for the whole family.


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