Travel Journals For Your Fun Vacations With Kids
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Travel Journals For Your Fun Vacations With Kids

Published at 01/31/2012 14:26:17


Travel Journals For Your Fun Vacations With Kids

Vacations are fun but if you start writing travel journals the vacations always would stay with you. Travel Journals are fun to write if we make them a routine especially if we are going along with our kids. However it is always good to follow some rules while writing the travel journals for fun vacations for kids.

  • It’s always great to make your more presentable with the help of souvenirs or pictures. Take a lot of pictures and stick some of them which would depict the fun vacations for kids.
  • Our writing should be picturesque to make it more interesting. Like describing the scene is more fun than just telling about the monuments. You should describe the sky, the seas or the weather.


  • It would be a good idea to experience while visiting the place corporate a sense of smell in order to give a dramatic effect. Write about the smell you experienced while visiting the place.
  • Fun vacations for kids would also be great if we write more about the kid’s experiences too. Like about how your son enjoyed the rides or how it was the first time your daughter actually sat in a roller coaster. The firsts of kids are always fun to read and they can go down in history and your kids are going to thank for the wonderful experiences you shared.
  • It is also great to write some special feelings associated with a place. Like ‘While visiting Eifel Tower I really experienced love and why the place was called a monument of love.’ Write about the feelings which fill your heart while visiting some place and also about the feelings of your children.
  • Culture and society makes the place, and hence it would always be great to associate your travel journal writings with the people of the place you are having the fun vacations for kids.


  • Travel journals can always be written on a day-to-day basis which not only increases the chances of remembering more and writing more but also makes it a fun routine at the end of the day.You may involve the people travelling along with you to write comments and your kids can also input some matter in order to make the travel journal more interesting and colourful.
  • Last but not the least take your favourite pen with you in n order to write your musings giving them a personal touch. Moreover carry a scrapbook or a diary for that matter in which you can write and stick pictures as well.

Hence make the most of the fun vacations for kids and with the aid of a travel journal enjoy it in the years to come too.

Tips and comments

  • Writing  Journals is a pleasure when you have your favourite pen with
  • Enjoy the fun vacation with your kids by putting entries about them too.
  • Carry the journal in a waterproof coover in order to preserve it well.

writing journals for the fun vacations for kids has always been a good experience and should be kept alive.