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Tips For Romantic Vacations In Missouri


In the Midwestern part of United States of America lies a state called Missouri. Missouri's capital is Jefferson City which is named after Thomas Jefferson who was not only a founding father but also the third president of United States of America. Missouri is neighbor to Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. It is a peaceful state with many cities that provide true romantic getaways. The state has some brilliant bed and breakfasts and other facilities that will truly make your Missouri vacations a lifetime experience. The Missouri vacations maybe what you and your loved one can enjoy and remember throughout their lives.


The State of Missouri has a vital role in the Civil War of United States of America. This significance is not lost on the tourist department of the state of Missouri. It has about 1000 battles in the civil war and last year marked 150 years of the state’s role in the war. For that very reason many reenactments of these historical events are constantly taking place and while enjoying the Missouri Vacations one must never forget to see them. They make wonderful memories even on a romantic vacation.


During Missouri Vacations one can do many things and stay at many wonderful places the state has to offer. Take example of Branson which is home of many theater venues and performers who will thrill you with their performances and enticing cultures representation. Also if you want to have a great breakfast to begin your day with; cafes and restaurants are themed with the life and culture of the state of Missouri especially celebrating the legacy of the great American writer Mark twain and also by the themes of Norman Rockwell. In the afternoon one can also catch a ride on the Showboat Branson Belle which offers a lovely lunch along with live performances by the artists while sailing on Table Rock Lake. And finally one can end the magical day on the famous singer Dolly Parton themed Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction; where one can not only treat his lovely companion with an exquisite four course meal but also get enticed by stunt riders and their horses while performers will also be entertaining through magic shows.

Tips and comments

The State Of Missouri is an excellent option for a couple to enjoy their romantic getaway. But it is advised that one should plan ahead if one is to enjoy all that there is to it. The State government has done an excellent job when it comes to tourism and has made sure that anyone interested in visiting Missouri wouldn’t feel disappointed or unsatisfied. Proper website with all the details regarding the tourist sites and destination with a detail map showing the desired location has been provided. Bed and Breakfasts and other places to stay are also listed .The website is very easy to understand and also helps in managing expenses as it has a detailed section of discount deals. Missouri vacations may just be the perfect getaway for you and your loved one.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 01/22/2012
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