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Syria Vacations - The All Year Round Island


Before going all out on details of Syria vacations know the fact that Syria is a safe place to go. The Middle East has lived a long and eventful journey and Syria is the country that has seen the brink of all major civilizations in the world. If you are a history buff you will love to explore Syria. And if you are not this will be a pleasant and an unusual experience; different than the vacations people prefer normally. Syria vacations are increasing in popularity because of the hospitality it offers irrespective of ethnicity and offers amazing memories for the tourists to take back to their homes.


Throughout Syria there are museums displaying relics from ancient civilizations. These relics are Syria’s pride; the tourists can relive the history by viewing these rare relics. Syrian climate is hot throughout the year; there are no unpredictable rains to spoil a moment. Syria vacations are loved by avid shoppers since shopping and even boarding and lodging here is quite inexpensive. Places to visit in Syria include the Roman ruins at Suweida, the castle of Shahba, the Sednaya Monastery, the Ummayyad Mosque and the Suweida Museum. There is also Zabadani, an exquisitely beautiful town. There is the magnificent crusader castle, the Qala’at Al-Hosn that should never be left out. Syria does not disappoint its visitors by offering great and pleasant water bodies. The seaside city of Latakia and the Maloula village are also famous amongst tourists and locals alike.


Syria vacations offer travelers a stay at exotic resorts along the great Mediterranean Sea. These resorts are a proof that Syria is not just a historical and cultural hub but takes care of contemporary needs too. These resorts offer water sporting activities such as scuba diving and canoeing. Most of inland hotels provide swimming pools and tennis courts. The capital and the ancient city of Damascus is a hub of activities; ancient streets waiting to be explored, a jaw-dropping skyline, not of skyscrapers but of minarets and symbols of exquisite architecture. Ancient cities of Bosra and Aleppo are included in UNESCO’s famous World Heritage List. Palmyra is another well-known tourist attraction. There are temple remains, desert oasis, funerary towers and colonnades that captivate the imagination of their viewers. The culinary delights of Syria are one of the major highlights – a treat not to be missed. Syrian cuisine is a rendition, or an amalgamation of Greek, French and Turk delicacies. All of these plus the traditional flavor of Syria are mouthwatering offerings. You will never have enough of Syria’s stuffed zucchinis and shish kebabs which will bring you back again and again. The best thing is you don’t need to wander into some fancy restaurant and spill all your money to get a taste. Street vendors are all over market places and ancient streets with local tasty snacks.

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Your Syria Vacations will give you a bag of memories that you will always keep. The vacations with so much to offer will not only satisfy your hunger for traveling but will also prove to be the most romantic getaway. Everything from spending your days at local bars and cafes or just enjoying night time at the market place or eating a shish kebab roll while haggling with street vendors will be an unforgettable experience!

By Maryam Cheema, published at 01/22/2012
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Syria Vacations - The All Year Round Island. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.