Canada Quebec Vacations  - A Lifetime Experience To Treasure Forever
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Canada Quebec Vacations - A Lifetime Experience To Treasure Forever

Published at 01/25/2012 07:19:01


Canada Quebec Vacations  - A Lifetime Experience To Treasure Forever

There are certain places in that cannot be missed out on your vacations Quebec City has to offer. The city boasts of a number of attractions. It’s not a big city like Ottawa but it has great natural beauty and that is what attracts the tourists. There are mountains, forests and plenty of outdoor activities. It has some fine museums as well. On your vacations Quebec takes you to museums, parks and various historical sites.


Canada Quebec Vacations  - A Lifetime Experience To Treasure Forever

Quebec is a province of Canada. It is located on the east side of Canada and is an area-wise large city. It has some rich culture and interesting history which makes it famous among tourists. People from all over the world come for their vacations to the city of Quebec and is Canada’s second most populous city. For vacations Quebec offers a plethora of options for its tourists.


Canada Quebec Vacations  - A Lifetime Experience To Treasure Forever

On your vacations to Quebec City do bring your fishing kit. Quebec has some great lakes and offers isolation during which fishing can prove to be a great pastime. There are some streams as well. If you want to do some serious fishing, then July is the best month for it. You can also do camping in your vacations Quebec City offers. It has some islands near the lakes which are perfect for camping purposes. You can hire or rent a car so that you won’t have to look for taxis that will take you for a tour. Thus, you can enjoy Quebec City on your own as well. It has some great parks which are known all over the world. There are some casinos as well where the stakes and the tournaments are at their peak. There is the Great Canadian Casino Quebec City and the Edgewater in downtown. If you are interested in gambling then this casino is the best. If you want to see waterfalls, do visit Montmorency Falls Park. This waterfall is higher than the Niagara Falls. The beauty of these falls is that they freeze partially and gives a stunning look. They are 275 foot high falls and can also be seen from the highway. There is also a restaurant near these falls. Furthermore, there is a historical park in Quebec named “Plains Of Abraham”. This is a famous park as a Battle of the Plains of Abraham took place here. This park has public access and a number of activities take place here like rugby and golf matches. People bring their kids here so that they can go for a swim. During your vacations if you want to go for hiking, then you should go to Les Sept-Chutes. It has seven waterfalls. This place has some amazing sceneries and perfect places for you to sit down and have a nice little picnic with your family or go for a hike. While being in Quebec City, don’t miss visiting this place as it is like paradise.

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With so many places in your list, you will have great vacations Quebec City promises. It has other places as well where you can carry out activities like skateboarding and skating. Keep all of these things in your list and do visit these places as it will make your vacations memorable.