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A True Dream Vacations At Salem


Salem is a multicultural city with a lot to offer with respect to history and museums. If you are planning to go for a vacation to Salem, it is indeed the best place. You will fall in love with this place after your vacation and you will definitely want to go again. During your Salem vacations you will get charmed by its scenery, historical places and sea side serenity. There are various places to visit and you will get to see some new places and things on your Salem vacations.


Salem is a residential area where about 41,340 people live. It is also famous for its tourism. It is a city of Massachusetts, United States. The original name of Salem was Naumkeag as it was founded on the bank of Naumkeag River. Tourism is the backbone of its economy. As this city is associated with Jerusalem, the name Salem sounds enchanting. Salem vacations are most interesting especially when it comes to witch hunting.


The best way to tour the city and its past is the Salem Trolley. It is a bus for tourists and it will take you to all the visiting places of Salem you would want to see like the historic cemeteries, Chestnut Street, Parks, etc. It is open for everyone and you can get off or get on at any stop. But you have to buy a ticket for it. People who come for Salem vacations usually prefer the Salem Trolley for tourism. Another place you should visit during your vacations is the Salem Witch Museum. It is a historical museum. This museum has some special lights and sets which will introduce you to the witch trials. If you are a visitor and don’t know anything about witch trials then this place is worth visiting as you will get to experience something new in your vacations. You can also go to Yercaud where you will find peace and serenity. There is no commercialization and the view is quite beautiful. If you are a superstitious person and believe in superstitions, then you should visit the Salem witch walk. You will get to know a lot about charms, truth about spells and the world of superstition. Don’t forget to visit the temples as you won’t find them anywhere you go for your vacations. They are very interesting places. Temples like Shree Sukbaneshwar or Lord Shiva temple, Mariyamman Temple, Ramkrishna Math are visited by tourists. There is also a town known as Namakkal. It is famous for its Vishnu temple. This temple belongs to the Hanuman god of Indians. This place is about 50 km to the South of Salem. Tourists out of curiosity go there. For your vacations to Salem, pack some casual clothes as you won’t need anything formal. But if you go in winters do pack some warm clothes as in winters it rains heavily. It has characteristics of Mediterranean climate.

Tips and comments

Make sure during your Salem vacations you visit all the places as it will increase your knowledge about them. Some events and carnivals also take place at Salem so you can attend them as well.

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