3 Florida Island Vacations Off The Beaten Path
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3 Florida Island Vacations Off The Beaten Path

Published at 01/22/2012 17:18:07


3 Florida Island Vacations Off The Beaten Path

If you are in search of a lonely place and are fond of solitude, Florida Island vacations are the best choice to fulfill your desire. The state of Florida encompasses the desires of all beach lovers as well as those with a passion of fishing, exploring the wildlife of birds, biking on the paths of beach and collecting sea products like shells. Florida Island vacations offer the versatile opportunity to explore the scenic beauty associated with the islands of Florida and enjoy the beach. It is especially alluring for those having interest in nature


3 Florida Island Vacations Off The Beaten Path

The passion for Florida Island vacations has long been there among the travelers and tourists. The islands have an interesting history full of adventures of the pirates, Spanish explorers and the Indian natives. The two main islands Sanibel and Captiva were initially considered to be one island. The early inhabitants were the Calusa Indians who were quick witted and settled in the area quickly. Later Juan Ponce de Leon, who is a well known explorer, claimed to have discovered the Sanibel Island. He initially named it as the Santa Lsybella. The natives were the Spanish people who failed to establish any settlement in the island and became the victims of some fatal diseases like TB, measles and fever.


3 Florida Island Vacations Off The Beaten Path

If you are planning for Florida Island vacations, then there are a few islands off the beaten path that are worth visiting and enjoying. The first among these is the Sanibel Island. It is famous for its beach consisting of white sand. People fond of solitude visit this island for sure. They book lodges that range from condos and resort to cottages and homes. It also gives a chance to witness the wildlife and the sea products here. People also indulge in activities like biking and fishing on the island. Another famous island is the Captiva Island. This island is referred to as the sister island of the Sanibel Island since the Sanibel Island is larger than it and was considered once a part of it. It is well known for being a mysterious island due to the adventure tales of pirates and native Indians living here. It also offers the best shopping facilities and gives the hint of a village life. It provides the best scenes for sunset and sunrise as well. The oldest and most experienced of all islands in Florida is the Amelia Island. It offers a number of facilities like the luxury lodgings and a peaceful environment for all those couples and travelers that are in search of serenity.

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So, for all the beach lovers and the nature obsessed people, Florida Island vacations promise to bring the best possible holiday experience for them. The sumptuous sea food, the wide collections for shopping and the wonderful activities on the coast line are a life time experience for the travelers. The tourists too learn a lot from the history, traditions and lifestyles followed in these islands. Furthermore, they are not like most of the Florida beaches with hordes of people but a nice, quiet place to relax.