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Thinking About Greece Vacations? Macedonia Is Your Answer!


Greece is a beautiful country and if you are unable to decide your vacation destination, go for Greece this time. Macedonia, in Greece, is the ideal vacations spot. With its pristine beaches and dazzling architecture, you can’t ask for a better place to enjoy yourselves. Macedonia vacations also help you to learn more about this dynamic city. Macedonia vacations are gaining popularity day by day because of its unparalleled accommodations, food and activities.


According to Historians, the civilization in Macedonia began in 4500 BC. The first tribe to settle in Macedonia was the “Makedoni” tribe. From then onwards, people of different nationalities started to drift in here. At first Macedonia was just a trade route for merchants. But later they also began to settle over here. Macedonia was the first city which started the trade of copper. To view this multi ethnic city, people plan for Macedonia vacations.


The moment you enter Macedonia, you are welcomed warmly and treated like royalty. The accommodations are perfect. The best guest houses in Macedonia are Ellis Guest House, Charles Brush Lodge and Downtown Loft Rental. Ellis Guest House is roomy and something out of a fairy tale with its wooden floors and wallpapered rooms. The rooms are elegantly furnished and sparkling clean. The homemade cookies and cakes are the main attractions of this guest house. Charles Brush Lodge is stupendous, enveloped between trees and ponds. The food is exquisite and you can’t wish for better bedrooms. Downtown Loft Rental is not less than any seven star hotels. The accommodations are spectacular, food is delicious and the hosts are polite and pleasant. The best thing about these lodges is that they are at a convenient distance from all the main attractions of Macedonia. The main attractions include Blossom Music Centre, Ski Resorts, Cuyahoga valleys and Hale Resorts. The Avenue shopping centre is a heaven for all the women. They can find everything over here; from grocery to boutiques. Cleveland Stadium is a must to visit for the men folk. Lake Science Institution, War Memoirs and Tower Cinema should be definitely visited if you are in Macedonia. The top notch restaurants of Macedonia are Dos Covonas, Casa D’ Angelo and Fat Casual BBQ. The steaks of Dos Covonas are to die for. Another great thing about this restaurant is that the service is super quick. You don’t have to wait for a long time. The specialty of Casa D’ Angelo is the Grandma shells and the Italian food. The staff of Fat Casual BBQ is friendly and efficient and the barbeque is unrivaled. Macedonia vacations can further be enjoyed by visiting Fun n Stuff. This place entertains every age group and is visited by millions of tourists every year.

Tips and comments

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your Macedonia vacations, do all the planning beforehand. Many deals regarding Macedonia are available online as well. Make use of them and save your money. Plus the climate of Macedonia is quite unpredictable, so pack wisely and appropriately. You’ll definitely have a blast if you will follow these tips.

By Amara, published at 01/19/2012
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Thinking About Greece Vacations? Macedonia Is Your Answer!. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.