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African Vacations - Safari Packages For Mozambique


The official name of Mozambique is Republic of Mozambique. This country lies in the southeastern Africa. In its east lies the Indian Ocean. This country is rich in natural resources. It became independent in 1975. The inhabitants loved their country because of the availability of all the natural resources they wanted. With the increase in development and the industrialization, this country became a tourist site. There are a large number of hotels and resorts constructed in Mozambique. These hotels have been rated as three to five stars by the critics and the people who come for vacations Mozambique. These hotels include all the accommodations to meet your demands and budget for the vacations Mozambique. Hotels like Azura Eco Lodge and Spa, Casa Rex Hotel, Hotel Cordoso are some examples of great hotels located in different cities of Mozambique.


Mozambique got independent in 1975. It was first explored by Vasco De Gama and was colonized by the Portugal in 1505. The economy of the country is mainly based on agriculture as the country is rich in natural resources. A lot of people who plan out their vacations Mozambique are that they are in search of job opportunities and they might get lucky here. The presence of the natural resources in this country is an attraction for the people. The people from around the world plan their vacations Mozambique in hopes of settling here permanently as the country has many job opportunities and facilities.


Whenever you plan a vacation, you look for specific features like the extravagant hotel, the mouth watering food, the perfect ambiance and all this within your specified budget. Well vacations Mozambique are your types of vacations. There are different packages offered by the tour organizers according to the different cities. These packages are flexible according to the demands and budget of the guest. This flexibility in the vacations Mozambique package is very attractive for the people. Other than that, there are special lodges for the people who want to stay near the beaches. There are safari packages offered to those who are planning their vacations Mozambique. A hotel named the Azura Hotel and Spa located on the Benguerra hotel offers this kind of safari packages. The furniture in the hotels is hand made and there is the feeling of closure to environment. There is a Marine National Park located nearby. All these accommodations are provided to you in the safari package you choose for your vacations Mozambique.

Tips and comments

If you are planning your vacations Mozambique, make sure you take the safari package. There is nothing like an eco vacations Mozambique package in the entire world. I suggest you check in the Azura Hotel and Spa. As the name indicates, a spa that serves twenty four hours for the guests is present. The best kind of food is always there. Also explore the beaches and donnot just stick to one place on your vacations Mozambique. Spend all your day roaming around places and take loads of pictures with your family and friends to show those who haven’t yet planned their vacations Mozambique.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/22/2012
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