Kauai - One Of Hawaii 's Best Kept Vacations Secrets
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Kauai - One Of Hawaii 's Best Kept Vacations Secrets

Published at 01/20/2012 16:11:35


Kauai - One Of Hawaii 's Best Kept Vacations Secrets

Kauai is an island of great pleasure and once you see it, it has the power to be so stunning that it will take your breath away for sure. Nowadays as individuals we have busy lives and a lot of stress and anxieties that are not good for health, physically and emotionally. These take up innumerable amounts of energy from us and things like these call for attention and can mess up our daily routine. This is why it is important to step back and take a breath and enjoy the life that God has gifted to us. There are various things which can help us relax but according to major studies done all over the world, it has been proven that nature has the power to help us relax unlike anything else. Lost energy can be regained with the help of Mother Nature and it is vital for us to recharge ourselves in a way after some stressful event or work routine. There are many places in the world that offer us the assistance of Mother Nature and one of them is the stunning and lush green island of Kauai in Hawaii. Grab your loved one and start planning your Kauai vacations now.


Kauai is known as the oldest island in Hawaii to be populated. It has more than 60,000 residents to date and the number keeps increasing. In 400 AD the Marquesans came to Kauai and settled in the area but were later thrown over by the Tahitians who came to the island and discovered its beauty and charm. The plant life that we see here today on Kauai was initially brought by the Marquesans when they came from Polynesia. Late into the 1700’s, the westerners came to Hawaii and discovered by a famous captain called James Cook. The English men including Captain Cook brought their ships Discovery as well as Resolution to Kauai and in exchange for trinkets they got food and learnt about the local people and their culture. Time passed but eventually power and seizure gained control and Cook was killed in a Hawaiian fight.


Kauai - One Of Hawaii 's Best Kept Vacations Secrets

Once you go on your Kauai vacations you will be mesmerized on the first glance. The place is absolutely beautiful and not many people actually know about it. When in Hawaii people usually go to Honolulu or some other known place but Kauai is like a well kept precious secret that only a few might know about. The sparkling ocean, so pure and blue will dazzle you with its serenity and the surrounding beaches are a treat indeed. If you love the beach then you can even get your very own accommodations right alongside or near the beach on your Kauai vacations. Yes, there are accommodations designed to fit the bill and be exactly what you need them to be so make the most of the time that you have here on your Kauai vacations.

Tips and comments

When on your Kauai vacations make sure you pack a mixture of clothes, both summer ones and light shrugs and sweaters alongside because the summer nights can be a little chilly and the last thing anyone would want is to get sick on vacation.