A Great Vacations In Dubrovnik
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A Great Vacations In Dubrovnik

Published at 01/20/2012 16:14:07


A Great Vacations In Dubrovnik

The first question you might ask is how do you pronounce this holiday destination? But don’t let the Slavic name turn you off as this is a truly wonderful place to visit. In the past decade Croatia has become a very popular destination for Europeans to visit. It offers a great alternative to the busy and overcrowded beaches of France and Italy. On top of all that Croatia is located so close to the rest of Europe that the travel cost and time that it takes to get there is negligible for tourists coming from north-western Europe. The part is that a Dubrovnik vacations will cost you much less than going to the south of France or Mediterranean destinations.


According a 2011 census the current population of Dubrovnik is approximately 42,000 people which make it quite a small city. Dubrovnik is located on the coast at the southern tip of Croatia and is an excellent place to enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Dubrovnik was part of the free state of Ragusa Kingdom but which remained under the influence of the Ottoman Empire from 1440 to 1804. During this time Dubrovnik rivalled Venice as maritime commercial hub and had quite an advanced form of government with codified laws. In 1815 the Dubrovnik area was annexed by the Habsburg Empire and it remained a part of this empire until 1918 when the empire fell. After that Dubrovnik became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes which later became known as Yugoslavia.


One of the best time to go on a Dubrovnik vacations is during the 45 day long Dubrovnik Summer Festival. This festival is a cultural event which features live musical performances, dances and dramas. The famous writer George Bernard Shaw went on Dubrovnik vacations in the early 20th century and said that if you want to experience heaven on earth then Dubrovnik is where you should go. Inside the bay of Dubrovnik a small wooded island known as Lokrum which is a popular place to visit for tourists. Lokrum features a monastery, fort and some botanical gardens. But the thing that everybody loves about a Dubrovnik vacation is the superb weather and amazing beaches on offer. The weather really is superb the hottest average temperature for the months of July and August are only 28.8C and 28.9C respectively (which for Americans means about 84 Fahrenheit).

Tips and comments

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site. So not only will you get to enjoy great weather and beautiful beaches on a Dubrovnik vacations you will also get to experience a historical city. The Old Town is a great place to walk and see the narrow streets. The narrowness and unplanned nature of the Old Town makes it best to be seen on foot as driving in this area can be very difficult. and is a wonderful place to stroll through. About 88% of the populations of this city are ethnic Croats so you can experience many traditional Croat cultural treats. Going to the Old Town to have a traditional Croatian meal is an excellent way to spend a day if you want to get away from the beautiful beaches for a while. So book yourself a Dubrovnik vacations now!