Utah Family Vacations
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Utah Family Vacations

Published at 01/20/2012 16:13:26


Utah Family Vacations

If you are looking for a holiday destination which is far away from the sinful lifestyle that cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York etc exhibit so openly then a Utah vacations is perfect you. Utah has a lot to offer to people looking a family safe vacation. Many people who live in small towns throughout the United States want to go on holiday but all the vacation packages offered by travel agents are to beach destinations, like the Bahamas, or to big cities like the ones mentioned above. Small town families do not fit into the lifestyle that is exhibited on the beaches. That is why if you are strong on family values then a Utah vacations is what you should choose for your family.


Utah is an interesting state in that approximately 80% of the state’s population lives concentrated along the Wasatch Front which is centred on Salt Lake City. This concentration of population results in a very sparsely populated and makes Utah surprisingly the 6th most urbanized state. Another unique characteristic of Utah is that 60% of the state’s population are associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So if you do decide to go to a Utah vacations what you might find is that the culture and lifestyle of people in Utah is slightly different. It was Brigham Young who was the first Mormon leader to bring Mormon settlers to Utah in 1847. But it was not until 1896 that Utah became a member of the Union as a state.


Utah vacations are extremely popular with tourists who are interested in outdoor recreation. Utah has a most diverse natural landscape ranging from deserts, sand dunes to forested mountains. The climate of Utah is mostly semi-arid or arid but due to the high altitude in some areas the weather patterns in those areas are different. Utah vacations are perfect for people looking for a skiing holiday. Utah has over 20 Ski resorts which rival the best slopes in the world. Another great attraction for outdoor lovers is to visit the national parks of Utah. A great Utah vacation option is to visit the Uinta National Forest which is a national park. Other than that if you are in the urban centre of Utah, that is Salt Lake City, then you must visit the Temple Square. The Temple Square features some stunning architecture in the form of a Mormon Temple and also a Mormon Tabernacle.

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So you want to see some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States then a Utah vacation is definitely something you should consider for your next family vacation. Not only will Utah offer you an environment which is wholesome and fitting with small-town values of America. Other great activities available to families while visiting Salt Lake City are go-kart at the FastKart Indoor Speedway. So don’t wait any longer book yourself a Utah vacations now and enjoy a family friendly holiday with the ones you love.