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Negril is a tiny beach resort situated across Hanover and Westmoreland. This resort is the embodiment of relaxation and delight. It has been ranked as the top beach resort in Jamaica, by many tourists and magazines. To view this panoramic resort people go for vacations Negril.


“Negril’ is the condescend version of “Negrillo”, which was introduced by the Spanish due to the presence of black cliffs on the Southern end of village. Some say that this place got named “Negril” because there used to be a dense community of black eels along the coast. So “Negr” comes from Negro (black) and “Il” from eels. This place has been there for quite a long time but it gained recognition in the later half of twentieth century. The first person to establish a guest lodge in Negril was Daniel Connell. Before him the vacationers used to rent a place in Jamaican homes or used to set up tents in their gardens. But after the establishment of Connell’s rest houses, vacations Negril gained popularity and became more frequent.


The moment you enter this resort, you will be enveloped by the fresh winds and electrifying environment. The locals are completely carefree and welcome you warmly. The accommodations are stupendous and they fuse with the environment and greenery, beautifully. The rooms are breath taking with every facility. No matter which room you select, a luxurious stay is guaranteed. The Beachfront 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites are dazzling. At least seven to eight people can stay in each suite, which means they are perfect for a family stay. The bars and restaurants at Negril Beach Resort are exquisite. The best restaurants are “The Mill”, “Kimonos”, “The Seville”, Café Carnival”, “Arizona Restaurant” and “Stew Fish”. Based on the primordial sugar mills, “The Mill” is charming and elegant. The breakfast and lunch are buffet style where as the dinner is La Carte. “Kimonos” serves the best Japanese cuisine in Negril. The stunning circular architecture of “The Seville” is unrivaled and the guests need a moment or two to compose themselves and to remember that they are there to have dinner. But the food is no less poignant than the architecture. “Café Carnival” is best for snacks which you can enjoy on a beach chair or on patio. “Arizona Restaurant’s” nachos and fajitas are incomparable and are enough to assuage your appetite. “Stew fish” is the best seafood restaurant in Jamaica and with the food you get a spectacular view of the beach. Vacations Negril are also made unforgettable by the overwhelming activities held at Beach Negril Resort. These activities are waterskiing, hydro biking, wind surfing, banana boating, Hobie cats, Kayaks. You can also spend your day playing billiards, croquet, mini golf, lawn chess, table tennis or shuffleboards. There is a nursery, Cuda kids Club, soda machines, swimming pools for the kids and teenagers. If you want your vacations Negril, more relaxing then a visit to the spa is a must. The massages of Negril’s spa are unparalleled.

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Have fun on your vacations Negril by planning everything beforehand. You can find some of the discounted deals online as well, so make use of these deals and enjoy “chilling” in Negril.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/21/2012
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