Cuba Vacations : Havana Checklist
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Cuba Vacations : Havana Checklist

Published at 01/24/2012 20:41:54


Cuba Vacations : Havana Checklist

Havana is the capital city and the main province of Cuba. This city is the largest in the Caribbean region. If you are planning for Havana vacations and donnot know much about it then I will let you know. Starting form the climate, the weather of Havana is pleasant. Since there are beaches nearby, there are cool breezes blowing throughout the year. The nights are more often cooler than the days and the spectacles like the setting sun are worth watching. Hotels like the Melia Habana are one of the top rated hotels in Havana. There are tours that have been a success since a very long time in Havana like history trip Havana tour have been one of the most favorite tours of the people during their Havana vacations.


Cuba Vacations : Havana Checklist

Havana was founded on August 25, 1515. It was found on the south eastern coast of an island. There were two main establishments made in the city from 1515 to 1519. At first, Havana was just a trading route. A lot of products from all over the world were first transported to Havana and then sent to Spain. The top rated things to do from over the years are visiting places like the National Havana museum of Arts and Science. The number of people planning their Havana vacations has increased over the last two decades. This is due to the improvements made in the packages offered for Havana vacations. At first, these packages only included the food services, the hotel facilities and other accommodations in the suites. But now these Havana vacations packages include your event participation, your room services, your shopping centers and other destinations you want to visit.


The climate of Havana is very pleasant. If there is an extreme climate at your hometown and you just want to run away from it then Havana is the place to be. It has a cool and pleasant climate. There are some rainfalls during the year and the nights are cooler than the days. Since Havana is located on an island, there are fun activities that you would enjoy to do while you’re on your Havana vacations. Fun activities include sight seeing, sea shell collecting, limbo games, bird watching and more. On the other hand if you are adventurous, then there are activities like scuba diving, jet skiing and diving in the majestic waters. The ambiance of Havana is very homely as the hotel management is very friendly. There are discounted packages offered to the families who come for Havana vacations.

Tips and comments

Havana vacations are the vacations where you get everything you want. But that of course depends on the money and the time you have. Increase your savings over the year and you will see that your vacations became more fun and extravagant. Dine in in the top rated restaurants like the La Guarida and eat all different sorts of food. Go for adventurous activities like jet skiing and then tell everyone about your experience of overcoming your fears. Spend your time with your loved ones enjoying the sight seeing in Havana vacations. Check out the sun setting spectacle at least once on the beach. Then take pictures of that amazing spectacle and paste it in your travelogue that would always remind you about your fun Havana vacations.