Yellowstone Vacations - Do Bears Eat In The Woods?
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Yellowstone Vacations - Do Bears Eat In The Woods?

Published at 01/21/2012 20:17:56


Yellowstone Vacations - Do Bears Eat In The Woods?

All of us need a good vacation which can take our minds off the daily stressed out routine, all the tensions and stress in life, where you don’t have to drag your self out of bed to go earn for a living and just relax and take in the change of scene. You need a vacation which can provide you with relaxation, entertainment, luxury and amusement; everything in one whole package. Vacations Yellowstone serves this purpose fully. Yellowstone national park in the United States was the first national park established in the whole world providing a major source of entertainment attraction for the tourists from all over the world wanting to experience the vacations Yellowstone. You will surely have a lot of fun here! do give Yellowstone a try and experience the fun yourself


Yellowstone national park is situated in the American state of Wyoming but it stretches into the regions of Idaho and Montana. It takes its name from the yellow stone river since it is located at its head. The Native Americans are the oldest inhabitants of the park living there since at least 11000 years, thus thousands of archeological sites have been discovered in the region and has an important historical and architectural significance. It is situated over active lava and is one of the most active geothermal sites of the world. Moreover, the Yellowstone caldera is the continents largest active volcano, having erupted a number of times during the last two million years.


Vacations Yellowstone has a lot in store for its tourists. One of the most attractive features include its topography which comprises of streams running across vast mountain range, canyons, waterfalls and lakes with the Yellowstone lake one of the highest altitude lake in the continent. Endangered or threatened species of animals plants and birds have been recorded here along with unique, rare varieties of forests, grasslands and plants thus proving to be a popular environmental research area studying different types of bacteria fungi present no where else in the world. Grizzly bears are the most famous in the area with over 600 number of grizzly’s living in the area. They have recorded to be endangered and also harmful to life and hitchhiking and other outdoor activities are not practiced in the deeper areas of the dense forests. Wolves are also present in a great amount and are on the top most endangered specie, thus hunting isn’t allowed in the woods. Besides hiking, camping, boating and fishing are popular activities in the area. In winters too tourists want to experience the vacations Yellowstone to see the snow.

Tips and comments

In vacations Yellowstone, proper safety measures should be taken while going in the woods because of the presence of wild animals there for example wolves, and grizzly bears which cannot be hunted down or killed due to being extremely endangered. A tour guide should be hired for the complete tour of the park so that you and your family doesn’t miss out anything and should make arrangements for the outdoor activities.