Pet Friendly Vacations - California Wine Country And Napa Valley
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Pet Friendly Vacations - California Wine Country And Napa Valley

Published at 01/21/2012 20:17:42


Pet Friendly Vacations - California Wine Country And Napa Valley

Do you like wine? Are you looking for a weekend getaway? Then look no further than the pet friendly California Wine Country. Yes that’s right, California is the place where you can take your pets and not get worried about their safety either. Some places have strict rules regarding pets and some places don’t even allow it. This can be sometimes unfair on the owner who perhaps might not trust anyone else to take care of his or her pet. But rules are rules and we all have to follow them and this is what makes Napa Valley a great place to visit.


Interestingly enough the name of Napa Valley was derived from the language of the Wappo Indians who were a Native American tribe who used to occupy the area along with wild life such as elk, panthers, grizzly bears and deer. The natives used to hunt these animals for meat and fed on the plantation and berries from trees and bushes. The first exploration of the gorgeous and lush green Napa Valley was done in 1823 by Padre Jose Altamira. At that time the population of the natives was estimated to be around three to six thousand which is definitely a big number.


Pet Friendly Vacations - California Wine Country And Napa Valley

On your Napa vacations you will find that there are a lot of opportunities to have fun here. Napa valley is the finest and most known region of wine growing and tasting and the area is absolutely gorgeous. The climate is mild, the wine excellent and the company even better. The entire backdrop of the location is of green hills, vineyards and quaint old towns that will welcome you with and awe you with their hospitality. Just imagine yourself on your Napa vacations and gently strolling through one of the many vineyards. The smell of grapes fresh in the air, gorgeous colors everywhere and the stunning clear blue of the sky as an antithesis makes this place worth at least half a dozen visits! Anyone who wants to relax should take this opportunity to spend their time on Napa vacations and make the most out of it. This place has the power to completely relax you, mind, body and soul and detoxify all that is within. When with pets on this wonderful holiday, you have a number of options for accommodations. These range from RV camping near the perfectly stunning coast of the Pacific to pet friendly lodges that you will come across on our Napa vacations. You can also opt for bed and breakfast inn for the entire rustic atmosphere and have a lovely time.

Tips and comments

It is best that when on your Napa vacations, you may want to keep your pet nearby. In pet friendly areas many people bring their own pets especially to Napa Valley where they have their own winery dogs to greet new comers, things can get frazzled and if you have a dog he or she might get excited to see other dogs. This can cause them to run around and in such cases you could even lose your pet so it is best to stay alert at all times.