Negril Jamaica All Inclusive Vacations - A Great Island To Have The Beach Honeymoon Of Your Dreams!
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Negril Jamaica All Inclusive Vacations - A Great Island To Have The Beach Honeymoon Of Your Dreams!

Published at 01/21/2012 07:47:45


Negril Jamaica All Inclusive Vacations - A Great Island To Have The Beach Honeymoon Of Your Dreams!

Honeymoon on a beach is everyone’s dream. The word honeymoon is very special and a longed for concept for every couple. Vacation spots are increasing rapidly and so are honeymoon spots. One such beach spot perfect for perfect honeymoon of your dream world is Negril in Jamaica. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and Negril beach in Jamaica has been rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world. You can also have your wedding in negril which will also be perfect and you won’t regret one bit. The hotels and the restaurants with their excellent service and delicious food gains admiration of all visitors and make your vacations negril jamaica more satisfying. There are tours that will take you around negril, spas and entertainment that you can enjoy and much more to make your vacations negril Jamaica perfect.


Jamaica is a beautiful island in the center of the Caribbean and its gorgeous scenery captivates all who visit Jamaica. The Blue Mountains there provide the best coffee in the world and there are reefs that are just perfect for diving. There are hiking tours, fishing villages, waterfalls, cities, and of course golden sunsets that soothe the soul and are perfect for everybody. There are guided tours, boat tours, golf, scuba diving, day trips, and the beach activities, hiking and fishing for the people on vacation. Entertainment includes bars, clubs, live music, cinema, theater, blues, jazz, cricket, dance, horse racing, pubs and soccer. The lush green grass, the stunning beauty, the marvelous culture with its African history and the endless and fun filled activities make Jamaica the perfect place for your vacation. Vacations negril Jamaica will not disappoint you one bit and you will have your perfect vacation and honeymoon.


The food in negril is of many types; Italian, seafood, Mexican, gelateria, health food, market food and junk food. There are shopping malls that offer arts and crafts, books, food and drink, and much more. The vast beautiful and inviting waters of the Caribbean look stunning on negril beach and the bars and restaurants and their food make the honeymoon of the couples more entertaining. There are activities that you can do in your spare time such as snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, tennis, yoga or you can just play and frolic in the waters. There are also massage treatments in the spas and for romantic people there are bonfires at night. Downtown negril has shopping malls; you can take the catamaran cruise for tours, glass bottom boat tour and there is also a private beach section for sunbathing. With all this and the captivating beauty of the island vacations negril Jamaica are sure to make your honeymoon your perfect vacations.

Tips and comments

The weather in negril Jamaica is usually hot and there are crowds in the summer season. The weather is pleasant in may-November and the rates are also low so plan your vacations negril Jamaica in that time as the crowds will also be lighter and you can enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest.