Popular Greenland Vacations Spots
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Popular Greenland Vacations Spots

Published at 01/25/2012 07:19:22


Popular Greenland Vacations Spots

Vacations provides you with the best possible get-away from the tiring routine you have to go through every day. A day at the beach or a dine out, each activity brings back the peace you need to get back into life. One of the most beautiful and perfect place to have the best experience of ones vacations is in the beautiful country of Greenland. From the exotic wildlife to the fascinating scenery, the fresh clean, is like the nirvana of vacation spots, worthy of naming the Greenland vacations experience. Greenland is, by area the world’s largest island that is not a continent with an area of 2,166,086 km square. There are many Greenland vacations spots, the beautiful mountain caps of the north and the hiking stations of the south.


The main attractions of the largest island in the world is the 1.8 million square km, covering up to 3km thick inland ice. In 1979 when Greenland got self government and was freed from under the kingdom of Denmark, improvements have been made to protect and beautify the nature that this land has been gifted with by God. The place’s calm and charm have been one of the reasons why this place has acquired for a once in a life time Greenland vacations experience.


Popular Greenland Vacations Spots

The north of Greenland is known for its majestic glacier landscape with an almost seemingly fields of ice, which can be explored on sleigh rides. The city, situated on an island Aasiaat is the most important center of the region and transport hub for the passenger shipping in north-south direction. The island offers good winter and summer sports. Southern Greenland is famous for the remainders of the first settlement of the Vikings, who came 1000 years ago. Anyone who feels fit can hike from Narsarsuaq over the mountains to the glacier Kiattuut Sermitat. Depending on the season, trips on foot, by boat, plane, helicopter or dog sled are possible. An impressive natural experience is guaranteed also in the south of Greenland: mighty glaciers, mountain ranges, which are visited by climbers from many countries and lovely valleys awaits the visitors. Qaqortoq the largest city in South Greenland, is the administrative center of the region. In the city there are several historical buildings and a small Inuit museum with a full-scale replica of a grass house. In most towns there are small museums. Here and there one comes across the remains of Viking settlements and Inuit abandoned houses giving you a harmonious experience that is Greenland vacations.

Tips and comments

In the area of Maniitsoq is also found in the summer an excellent condition for winter sports. The ski resort Apussit is ideal for cross-country skiing and ski runs for beginners and experts. The region between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut in summer has excellent hiking and winter for dog sledding and skiing. Sisimiut, seat of the second university in the country, is the starting point for many long hiking and dog sledding tours through an impressive natural landscape, where you may see musk oxen and reindeer, making a memorable experience of Greenland vacations.