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How To Save Money & Have Fun On Cheap New York Vacations


Burning the mid night oil to earn that last penny, months of laborious work and the stress of meetings and presentations, all one needs after this is vacations! But of course, it isn’t all that easy to spend this hard earned money on luxurious trips like those to the New York City. Everyone dreams of visiting the Statue of Liberty, dining in fancy New York restaurants and strolling through the Manhattan streets. One often sighs and wishes for cheap New York vacations that add color to life while not straining valuable financial resources at the same time. The question then is whether it actually is possible to get a chance to experience all this in a fixed budget? Or are cheap New York vacations nothing less than a myth?


New York City, also commonly referred to as the ‘Big Apple’ is a dream land for many. Times square in Manhattan, the Empire State Building and the legendary Chrysler Building- all are tempting names that have been attracting tourists to New York City since years. Often this has meant that families build on their savings for years yet end up frustrated because they cannot afford the expenses after all. They don’t want to deprive their children from the sightseeing of these spectacular places yet are desperately looking for tourist packages that give them an opportunity for cheap New York vacations.


So how can cheap New York vacations be made possible? Firstly, when planning for the trip, make sure you plan your route through less known, cheap airlines and airports instead of going through the renowned, well established airports. For example, you can use the Newark Airport or the McArthur Airport when going on vacation to the New York City. Early booking will save you a lot since it allows you to evade the peak-season price hikes. Additionally, when booking your flights, make sure you avail the best possible packages being offered at the time through discount airline ticket websites. These websites substantially subsidize your journey by offering discounts and waivers. If you’re lucky enough to have relatives in the New York City, you can very easily cut down on your living, commuting and food expenses. Otherwise, you can always lean off your expenses by seeking accommodation outside the main New York City, in smaller motels perhaps. Similarly, eating outside the main city areas can help you enjoy while still on a low budget. Places like Chinatown, Little Italy and the villages are good and inexpensive options to eat out. Moreover, a visit to the museums, lakes and public parks will help you gain pleasure while on a trip and at the same time not add on to your costs. A viable option for enjoyment can be the Broadway theatres which also offer discounted tickets. Cheap tickets to day performances can also be obtained easily in the Times Square, Manhattan.

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Henceforth, even if you’re running low on finances and yet desire a relaxing therapy during your vacations, effective and meticulous planning ahead of time can really help you explore the glamorous world out there. So for all of you, who think that cheap New York vacations are way out of your league, think again: chalk out your routes and set on the quest for the best offers in town, for all you need is a break that isn’t too hard on you!

By Amara, published at 01/21/2012
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How To Save Money & Have Fun On Cheap New York Vacations . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.