Take A Food Tour Of The Usa For A Vacations With A Difference
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Take A Food Tour Of The Usa For A Vacations With A Difference

Published at 01/27/2012 05:06:28


Take A Food Tour Of The Usa For A Vacations With A Difference

Today, travelling defines an important part of people’s lives, since life has become fast paced. In the past travelling for fun and vacations was more of a luxury compared to the necessity it has become in the modern world. Since the tourism and travel industry throughout the world has flourished, people go to these different holiday destinations to enjoy and relax. For these sorts of vacations USA is a good option. Be it fun activities or those looking for relaxation in different delicious food items to satisfy their taste buds during vacations USA has it all.


Take A Food Tour Of The Usa For A Vacations With A Difference

Holidays today, mostly revolve around activities or themes like skiing holidays or shopping holidays around the famous malls of the USA. However, for a different sort of vacations food tours should be given a try. For you to sit and eat without a worry during vacations USA has some of the best culinary delights to make your taste buds tickle. Food tourism is becoming more and more popular among food lovers who find is more appealing then the adventures of the beach side skiing and scuba diving. You can travel from the west to the east coast getting culinary sampling from every region and also getting the chance to get acquainted with the culture and background of these cities. Experienced guides accompany you.


The southern states of America are known to be some popular culinary landscapes with unique offerings. You can get a chance to taste the world famous American desserts like the Mississippi mud pie and the pecan pie. Chicken lovers can get the taste of the original Kentucky fried chicken. Some fine Creole and Cajun cuisines are available in Atlanta, Austin and New Orleans. In the Deep South, Jambalay and Gumbo soup add amazing flavors enriching your vacations. For your food tour vacations USA has a number of other cities to offer as well. One of these is San Diego. It has three main downtown restaurants serving international cuisine like escargots to empanadas. Savannah offers some special homemade bread pudding, fried chicken and collard greens along with a tour through some historical sites. Coming to San Francisco, it boasts the world’s greatest crab markets known for annual crab festivals in November through June. The most popular is Dungeness crab available in different flavors. Italian and Chinese dishes are also available giving you a variety to taste and sample on your food tour. California, on the hand, offers some local produced food items. There are famers markets here known for a variety of foods like goat’s cheese, avocados and artichoke plus more green produce. You can also include the famous wine of Napa valley in California in your tour. It has the best quality wine. Moreover, Vermont and Massachusetts are known high quality food producing states. New Haven is known to be the hamburger creator, which makes it a must have on your tour.

Tips and comments

Before embarking on your food tour, be sure to be aware of all the hotel and food packages in the US that are suitable to you. For tight budgeted vacations USA has some great discount offers. Avail these so you can enjoy and savor in the culinary heaven that the country has waiting for you, to the fullest.