Wales Vacations: You Should Go On One
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Wales Vacations: You Should Go On One

Published at 01/22/2012 17:47:05


Wales Vacations: You Should Go On One

Wales, a part of the United Kingdom and a beautiful island of the Great Britain, has captured the hearts and minds of many tourists across the world. The country is divided into five regions namely North, Mid, Ceredigion, South West and Southern Wales. Wales vacations can be planned and organized around the key cultural elements of the country; including mythology and visual arts, sports, media, literature and cuisine, performing arts such as music, dance and drama. Visiting museums and libraries, and participating in the colorful festivals remain the highlights of Wales vacations.


Wales Vacations: You Should Go On One

Wales has a history of invasions and has been conquered many times in the past from the Celts, the Romans, the Saxons and the Vikings. Wales vacations hence center around exploring the traces of the past, visiting the amazing castles where battles were fought, and discovering the fortresses that helped keep the enemies at bay. There is indeed a fascinating history of thousands of years associated with Wales and its brave and resilient people. Some of the significant names in the history of Wales include St David, Owain Glyndwr, Offa’s Dyke, and the mythical King Arthur. The vibrant capital of Wales, Cardiff, is enriched with ancient history and scenic beauty. Cardiff is famous for the Cardiff Castle, the Millennium Stadium, the Cardiff Bay and other attractions such as boat tours, festivals and events.


Wales Vacations: You Should Go On One

Wales is naturally gifted with breathtaking diversity. The mountains, hills and valleys offer awe-inspiring views and many sight-seeing opportunities for the tourists. Wales has its fair share of some of the best, safest and cleanest, almost untouched beaches in the world. In fact, it comprises of a total of forty one beaches and five marinas. Also, the key attraction of Wales vacations are the national parks and wildlife. There is a beautiful Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Mid Wales and a Brecon Beacons National Park in Southern Wales. Outdoor adventures for tourists include backpacking and hiking, cycling and mountain biking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, walking the nature trails and historic sites, fishing etc. Some of the UK’s best locations for walking, cycling, water sports and golf are found here. Wales offers many indoor attractions as well for there are many fine eateries, country pubs and first class entertainment activities. Overall, Wales is a great place for a fun filled activity-packed family holiday.

Tips and comments

For a pleasurable Wales vacations, plan in advance, as Wales offer many attractions especially for families. Every region has a different yet delightful experience to offer for the tourists. Whether you are looking for inner peace and relaxation or you may be a free spirit looking for adventure and excitement, Wales is the place for you. This tiny speck of a land, just two hours from Heathrow, is packed with infinite amount of fun and excitement, and endless enjoyment opportunities for you to explore. The top ten attractions of Wales are:

  1. The Millennium Stadium: A 21st century monument to international rugby.
  2. Water Sports: Including bog snorkeling, surfing, swimming, and fishing.
  3. Book Trading: Wales is the capital of second hand book trade.
  4. Museums: A chance to explore the rich history, its free and a fun day-out activity.
  5. Castles: Visit hundreds of castles to relive the past glory.
  6. Coasteering: Exciting to do and breathtaking to view.
  7. Walking, Climbing & Hiking
  8. Nightlife: Enjoy the glamorous nightlife and choose from hundreds of bars and pubs.
  9. Valley & Village: Visit the fantasies of Portmeirion, and beautiful valleys.
  10. Music & Art: Enjoy art in all forms; music, dance, theater, paintings etc.