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Norfolk Hotels For Your Vacations Or Business Trips


The independent city of Norfolk is located in Virginia. In terms of populations it is the 2nd largest city in Virginia. The city is a bustling economic hub and is the cultural heart of Virginia. A lot of people travel for Norfolk vacations for both business and recreational reasons. Norfolk vacations will suit a lot of different people.


Norfolk Hotel has over 5 branches in Virginia. Asides from this it also has branches overseas in various places like Nairobi, NE, London and other locations in The UK. One feature that Norfolk hotels have is that they all are no smoking areas. This is in line with the Hotels environmentally friendly policies. The Norfolk Hotel is better known as the Norfolk Tower Hotel in London. It is located in Paddington. The Hotel is given a three star rating and is listed as a Superior Tourist Hotel in The United kingdom. Norfolk vacations can be best spent in the Norfolk hotels due to a number of reasons.


Some details regarding the Norfolk Hotel are that it has 35 bedrooms and each of them has a fully equipped attached bathroom. Included with the room is a hair dryer, tv, radio and telephone service. The hotel welcomes kids but will charge an extra cost for them. The Norfolk Hotel is five minutes away from the hotel if you take the bus or the train. For the people who drive, the national park and motorway is not far. A lot of restaurants are housed in the Norfolk. Some examples include, the cads café bar, the Arundel restaurant and the Duke’s lounge bar. The Arundel restaurant is breakfast only whilst the Cads café bar remains operational all through the day during weekdays. The Dukes lounge bar is renowned for beverages like wine and it also provides a unique and relaxing atmosphere. The hotels which are spread across all of Europe and the US provide the same standards when it comes to service. This has resulted in the hotel having gained regular customers. These customers are so satisfied with the service that they book their rooms just after hearing the hotels name. Excellence, reliability and comfort can be considered as the hotels motto and rightly so! The Norfolk Hotels have international standard cooking and food. The chefs are famous for their consistency ad perfection. The Hotel also organizes various cooking shows for its clients so that they can learn how to make delicious foods for themselves. The hotel also providers catering facilities for parties and gatherings during Norfolk vacations. The hotels also provide all the necessary tools for you to run business related errands. Conference facilities are there to be used and the hotel has large spacious halls to allow for any type of business gatherings. On top of this you can expect the maximum support and help from the hotel staff.

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The hotels are conveniently located close to all major centers of attraction in the region. This ensures that any visitors won’t have logistic problems. Lastly the hotel also provides luxury facilities like swimming pools and bars. The hotel is the perfect place to stay during Norfolk vacations.

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