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Fun Things To Do On Your Vacations To Japan


Thinking of the emerging developed nations in today’s world, the first name that comes to mind is Japan! One often wonders what Japan would be like to pay a visit to. Although most people visit the country for business purposes, Japan does have a lot to offer for tourists as well. Vacations to Japan can be made fun if one knows of the luxuries and the excitement that Japan has to offer. If you want to spend your holidays somewhere in Asia this time around, vacations to Japan will definitely be a viable option.


Located in the Pacific Ocean, the archipelago of Japan is a wonderful place to spend your vacation. Vacations to Japan can be directed to the different temples that exist there, the parks and the vibrant markets that depict the day to day lifestyles of the people living in Japan. Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is among the places that are a must visit for all. Visiting the theatres, the museums, the Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Disneyland, travelling on the Japanese train networks, holidays in Japan can be real fun!


Vacationing and fun go hand in hand and if each and every place in the list of places that can be visited is magnificent in itself, it becomes hard to decide where to go and when. To begin with, Tokyo should be the point of exploration. Starting your journey on the Tokyo stations, you have a long way to go. The Tokyo Disneyland- the place that is all about smiles and happiness; once you enter, the Mickey Mouse shaped windows and the hand straps are bound to catch your attention and keep you smiling throughout. If you think you’re too far away to reach the Eiffel Tower, don’t worry because Tokyo has its Tokyo Tower in store for you. Illuminated beautifully at night, the Tokyo Tower is a must see for all those tourists out there who are in for some fabulous sightseeing. Moving on, if you’ve come to Japan because Japan is famous for its electronics; the place for you to be is Ginza. This 7 storey building is full of latest technology and also has tutorials for the Apple products and their applications. So if you are into gadgets and into technology, then this is the place where you’re likely to have the most fun. If you’re into finding out about historical things, then the Kamakura is a recommended visit for you. The Daibutsu or the large statue of the Buddha over there is a famous ancient sight. Vacations to Japan are then incomplete without experiencing the largest sea food markets. The huge blue fin tuna is the specialty there.

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So pack up all you need and set off on your journey to an Asian Paris. Experience all that you have heard of in the Europe, right here in Asia and commend on how it is comparable to what you may have seen in Europe. If you know what your interest is, you can find exactly what you want- right here in your vacations to Japan!

By Amara, published at 02/06/2012
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