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5 Quick Tips To Your Vacations To Spain


Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state. It is the member state of the European Union which is located in the southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Balearic Island in the Mediterranean and Canary Island in the Atlantic Ocean are also included in the Spanish territory. Spain is a democratic state with a parliamentarian government which is under constitutional monarchy. Spain has the twelfth largest economy in the world. Its official language is Spanish and is the second most spoken first language in the world. On the west, Spain borders Portugal, while on south it borders Gibraltar and Morocco. The country has a Mediterranean Climate that is the primary attraction for people to go on vacations to Spain. It has warm and dry summers. Vacations to Spain are very popular among the people from all across the globe. Spanish tourism industry has grown so much that it has become the second largest foreign tourist industry in the world.


Spain’s historical and cultural monuments along with its climate make it an ideal place for vacations. Spanish hotels are much more efficient than the ones in other countries in Europe, so Spanish accommodations are more reliable and attract more people on vacations to Spain. It is one of the leading countries in the production of renewable energy. Spain also has the most extensive rail network in the entire Europe and second in the world after China. There are 47 public airports in Spain. Roman Catholicism is the main religion practiced here.


Spain is a western country by culture. It has a great Roman heritage that is evident in every part of Spanish life. Spain is also known as the Latin country. Spain’s art, architecture, cuisine and music have been influenced by many countries from all across Europe. These things are the main attraction for people on vacations to Spain. Some tips should be kept in mind when going on a vacation to Spain. Barcelona city has many famous views. The two mountains, La Sagrada Familia and the Cathedral must be visited. The best views can be seen from top of Columbus Tower. It is situated at the bottom of the Ramblas, where Barcelona has its best to offer. You can go to these sites for really cheap from here. Share a ten-trip metro ticket: it will cut down your transportation cost. If you are an art lover, then you must go to the tour. It is a guided tour to all the historic sites of the city. Another essential stop is the La Sagarda Familia. Another important tip is that don’t get ripped off on boquena Juices. Moreover, also choose your Barcelona Discount card wisely. This will help you get free transport from the airport.

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The culture and heritage of Spain along with beautiful archaeological and recreation sites will surely make your vacations to Spain unforgettable. Also high standard of hotels will enable you to get a comfortable accommodation and you will not miss your home and will have a great time.

By Amara, published at 01/25/2012
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