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The Southwestern United States (aka the American Southwest) is an expanse defined by different sources in different ways. Broad definitions suggest the area to include nearly one fourth of the United States, including California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Utah. Southwestvacations are something everyone goes for at least once in a lifetime or well, more if they’re able to. The mention of southwestvacations immediately turns the attention to the Grand Canyon, a living piece of natural art and Las Vegas, the man made spectacle of art, entertainment and food but rest assured that the whole of the Southwest promises a lot more than you know of.


American southwest foods are bold and strong, developing in a callous land with several cultural influences, including Spanish, Native American and European. It’s the type of cuisine that’s satisfying yet straightforward, eaten purely for pleasure and not analysis. American Southwest cuisine as it will be discovered when on southwestvacations was molded by primeval Native tribes, all those generations of resourceful and tough cowboys and takes some influence from modern Mexican cuisine as well. It is spicy and colorful, think tacos, burritos and the “Tex-mex. When in the southwest you will see food that is a piece of art itself yet so simplistic and basic in its form. These delights are offered everywhere in the south west and are more like staple. Southwestern food has found new appreciation and is now a preference over every other American contemporary food. The south likes it “hot” as far as chilies are concerned. Nevertheless modern locations in the southwest offer traditional and modern food alike, complete with a bustling nightlife and exotic beverages.


First and fore mostly, the southwest is riddled with god given art, what with its canyons and expanses of beautifully structured lands. Other than this are the numerous museums and galleries like the Southwest Museum of the American Indian which contains best collections of Native American art and artifacts. Museums and galleries are well frequented by those on southwestvacations. Southwest Indian art is distinctive and well developed over those centuries when twelve foot high looms were in practice. Southwest Indian designs are immediately recognizable and have flooded the American art mainstream. Their distinguishing geometric patterns are visible everywhere from Arizona's state flag to cowboy hats. Arts and crafts on public display of Southwestern artists on are best known to include sand paintings, gorgeous pottery, woven rugs and blankets, the finest of jewelry and ornate basketry.

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Southwestern art forms and culinary delights not only influence popular culture of the area at large, they also remain as flourishing, uninterrupted traditions of the native people who first created them. With its never ending vistas, unbelievable weather and novel events throughout the year, there's never a deficiency of things to do when on southwestvacations. From rock climbing to skiing to art appreciation, there is just so much to do! It can be overpowering to thin down what you want to see. And what you eat too of course!

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/03/2012
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Southwestvacations - Art & Food In America's Southwest. 5 of 5 based on 10 votes.