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Fun Things To Do On Vacations To Honduras


Honduras is in Central America and is generally referred to as Spanish Honduras to differentiate it from the British Honduras. Its neighboring countries are Guatemala towards its west, El Salvador towards the southwest, Nicaragua towards the south and towards the north is the Gulf of Honduras. Honduras has a lot of cultures such as the Maya. The majority parts of the republic were conquered by Spain, therefore, their national language is Spanish and the republic also inhabited many of its customs. It is known for the production of minerals, tropical fruits and for the export of clothing which attracts tourists for vacations to Honduras. It is an ideal place for a vacation, therefore, read below and plan your vacations to Honduras accordingly.


The Honduras is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean so the climate varies from tropical to temperate. The southern regions are hotter than the northern coast. It is considered as a biodiversity hotspot because of the varied amount of plants and animals. It has more than 6000 different species of vascular plants, 250 types of reptiles, 700 bird species and 110 mammal species. It has rain forests, cloud forests, mangroves, savannas with pine and oak trees making it an ideal place for vacations to Honduras.


One of the many places to visit to have fun during your vacations to Honduras are Bay Islands which is the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world with a picturesque view of the bluest water you would have ever seen in your life. This area mostly attracts a lot of divers and snorkelers from all around the world because of its beautiful view of the azure waters. Next is the Copan Ruinas, usually referred to as Copan. If you do not visit this place your trip would be incomplete because these ruins need at least one visit. It is a tourist friendly area which is unlike the usual tourist spots as it is not that overcrowded. Families come out in the evening to visit the market and to spend time at the city square. The place has a Macaw mountain bird park and natural reserve which is an innovative tropical bird reserve that takes care of the endangered birds. Then another place which needs a definite visit is the San Pedro Sula, the museum of anthropology. History deserves a visit and it is always worth it. It is a two story museum and will provide you with a walk through history. A 4 hour tour of the museum will do justice to the visit. It also has an open air market which is stocked with $3 items; however, there is no need to spend a lot of time here because such markets are filled throughout Honduras. Another thing you should not miss are the tortillas made by hand. These are made by 100 women each making them in their own enclosed cooking area. Another city which deserves a visit is Gracias which is not very attractive but still has immense history to tell which means the place shouldn’t be missed and it will be a good idea to study a bit about the place so that you can enjoy more. The magnificent buildings are worth a view.

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Therefore, plan your vacations to Honduras and visit these places. Take your family along with you because each city has a different story to tell to its visitors. Along with this it is also a tourist friendly place so do not miss this place for an informative vacation.

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