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Kuwait Vacations: A Brief Introduction


Kuwait, known as the prototypical oil-prosperous state, owns more than ten percent of the estimated world oil reserves, and is a leading petroleum exporter. Tourists look forward to a peaceful entry into the Muslim world. While on Kuwait vacations wander around mosques, souks, and other sandy sketches of olden Bedouin days. Behind the extravagant affluence though, lies warm Arabian generosity and traditional hospitality values that are much appreciated by those on Kuwait vacations.


If you are planning Kuwait vacations then refer to Kuwait travel guide that proposes that the climate is pleasant in the months of March, April and May which is spring time in Kuwait. This is the best time to visit Kuwait. One of the main reasons for the ever increasing popularity of Kuwait is the historical buildings like the Bayt Al-Bader and Sadu House, used as exhibition centers now. The Liberation Tower in Kuwait is among the most famous and proud presentations of the country. The tower represents the Kuwait being liberated from the Iraqi invasion and is one of the tallest towers in the world. Kuwait Towers is another famous landmark. So is the Liberation Monument. The cathedrals and mosques leave you awe struck. These churches and mosques display a blend of contemporary and traditional architecture. The well known ones that should not be missed out are the Grand Mosque, Our Lady of Arabia Church and Holy Family Cathedral.


Kuwait vacations are also gaining popularity due to several islands and beaches. These are the Green Island, Failaka Island and Messila Beach. Kuwait is also home to many museums, the famous ones being the Saif Marzooq Al-Shamlan Museum, the Kuwait National Museum and Tareq Rajab Museum. Kuwait also houses a famous Scientific Center complete with an aquarium, an IMAX theatre and famous fast food restaurants. During The Visit to Kuwait’s Dhow Harbour, you get to enjoy looking at old sailing dhows and ships that used to serve purposes like fishing, pearl diving and coastal trading years ago. Visitors can also explore a ship known as Fateh El-kheir (believed to bring good fortune). This wooden dhow is the only surviving ship and the biggest. The place even has amusement parks! Try the Entertainment City and Al-Sha'ab leisure park. There is even a zoological garden.

Tips and comments

While on Kuwait vacations, be sure to check out Doha village which brings back history of trading and ship building. Kuwaiti cuisine reflects the history of the region including all its tribes and immigrants. So you get to taste foods which are an exclusive blend of Bedouin, Indian, Persian, and Eastern Mediterranean influences. There are numerous Lebanese, Indian, Arabian, Chinese, American and Middle Eastern restaurants here, including famous fast food chains in case the fusion doesn’t suit you. At Kuwait City, the capital and crown of the Persian Gulf you will find countless attractions. You will find a range of restaurants, small eateries and bars everywhere. Feeling adventurous? Join the biker or scuba diving club. Is there something this place doesn’t offer? We think not!

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/06/2012
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