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A Walk Through Gorgeous Niagara Falls In Canada Vacations


The Niagara falls are one of the world’s most beautiful places and a work of nature that is beyond description .So if you are planning Canada vacations Niagara falls are what you and your loved ones should definitely visit. The Niagara falls are in both Canada and United States of America. It is therefore comprised of actually two falls namely Horseshoe falls from the Canadian side and American Falls from the American side. The falls are draining the water from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. If you and your family ever come to enjoy Canada vacations Niagara Falls is something you shouldn’t miss for the world.


When going on Canada Vacations Niagara falls curious history and its origin should definitely be googled up. Many records and tales tend to say that The Frenchman Samuel de Champlain was among the very first people who saw the falls and reported the number of majestic spectacular falls there are .The name of the Falls is said to have originated from a branch of the locals Neutral Confederacy that was Niagagarega.


Niagara Falls should be visited favorably in summers. During your Canada vacations Niagara Falls will be predominantly the best thing you do. On the Canadian side you may even get to watch the falls late till midnight as the Canadian authorities have now placed searchlights and floodlights that help you to see the falls more beautifully illuminated by colorful lights. Queen Victoria Park has now been made there with many gardens and high platforms that can help you see and be amazed by the nature. They give quite a view of both the American and Horseshoe Falls. Also a person can plan a picnic at this spot as there are many good places for breaking bread with your family in this park. Near the Niagara Falls you will also find the famous cable car called The Whirlpool Aero Car or Spanish Aero Car which is probably the only way tourists can see the mighty Niagara whirlpool. This cable car is the best thing a person can do while visiting Niagara Falls. Also over the Canadian side is a small patch of nature by the name of Niagara Glen Nature Reserve which is a preserve for the Ontario Carolinian forest. In the forest tourists can find various hiking trails and good spots for picnic.

Tips and comments

A good advice for the tourist is that they should try to book motels and hotels in advance that are easily found near the Niagara Falls. Hotels and motels near the falls are mostly overcrowded and you won’t get any room if you didn’t book. So if you are planning Canada Vacations Niagara falls will only be an enjoyable experience if you are prepared for the huge crowd and also remember to bring sea sickness pills along with your rain coats as ships and boats for tourist tend to take you as near the falls as they can. Make sure you plan a whole day for Niagara Falls as there are a number of things to do there.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/06/2012
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A Walk Through Gorgeous Niagara Falls In Canada Vacations . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.