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Ocho Rios Vacations : Fun Ways To Enjoy Your Stay There


Ocho Rios, Ochi (the local name is pronounced as Ochee), is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Jamaica. Millions of visitors are drawn to Jamaica for Ocho Rios vacations every year. Most of the tourists arrive via cruise ships. Ocho Rios is Spanish for “Eight Rivers,” and many believe that Christopher Columbus first set foot on this land. It was primarily a fishing village but now is a major tourist destination. Ocho Rios vacations’ main attractions are Mystic Mountain, Dunns River Falls, dolphin swim, rubber tubing, shopping, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, horseback riding, and the exquisite beaches.


The name Ocho Rios is given to the area not because it has eight rivers, but because of the nearby Dunn River Falls. The breathtaking waterfall cascades over rock terraces and falls down a cliff more than 600 feet to the sea. People come to shower and cool off in summers as it is easy to access the waterfalls through their natural staircase. Tourists love to interact and swim with dolphins at a designated spot known as Dolphin Cove. Ocho Rios vacations newest attraction is the Mystic Mountain adventure in which vacationers can explore the dense rainforests and wildlife on the mountain. Every week, there are special festivals and feasts in which people enjoy music and dancing and swimming. Ocho Rios Jazz Festival is organized every June. Fans of jazz usually plan their vacation around this time to participate in this festival.


The natural beauty of Jamaica is sort of concentrated in Ocho Rios. Therefore, exploring the rich flora, the luscious foliage, the vibrant and colorful flowers and plants is a must during Ocho Rios vacations. For the sports lovers, there is a well maintained lush green golf course at the village. There are various luxury resorts located along the Jamaican coastline. Beach parties are a fun way to spend the day at Ocho Rios. The sea side and Ochi beach club are visitors’ favorite spots. The fragrant gardens at the club enhance its beauty and appeal. Cool drinks and beverages are easily available at these areas. The tropical wonders of Ocho Rios are best explored through the Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at the Mystic Mountain. You may encounter exotic birds, iguanas and snakes during the exhilarating jungle trail walk. The Bob Marley Museum, the University of the West Indies, and the Governor General’s residence are important sites to visit.

Tips and comments

Ocho Rios is renowned for its white sand and crystal clear beaches. Tourists are usually seen relaxing, walking and riding horseback along the beaches. There are unlimited land and water sports activities at the beach. Swimming with dolphins is the highlight of Ocho Rios vacations, and is explained by tourists as the most memorable experience of their lifetime. There are some exclusive bread and breakfasts, restaurants and dining out options available at Ocho Rios. Not just for the adventure lovers, this place is famed for being a romantic getaway for honeymooners and other couples. Ocho Rios is an ideal location for a wonderful, fun and relaxing vacation.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/01/2012
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Ocho Rios Vacations : Fun Ways To Enjoy Your Stay There. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.