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Fun Family Vacations - On Cruise!


A family cruise provides fun and entertainment to all ages. There are places to see, oceans to explore, exotic foods to taste and fascinating activities to engage in. Cruise vacations are not only suited to old folks who want to make the best use of their retirement plans but are also ideal for families. Today ships are not merely vessels to transport people from one end of an ocean to another, but are equipped with water parks, gardens, swimming pools, water slides, indoor games, baby-sitters, rock-climbing, mini-golf and much more. All these features attract families and make cruises fun family vacations. The activities on cruises are generally customized according to the travellers’ age and interest. You can find games for toddlers and educational activities for other kids. The best thing about being on a cruise is that every day you end up on a new piece of land. You get to explore a lot and interact with a lot of local people. Learning about the diversity in cultures really make cruises one of the most fun family vacations.


Cruises around the world hosts unique restaurants, ice-skating rinks, on-board surfing and movie screens. Each family member can enjoy being on the same cruise liner yet enjoy activity of his or her own interest. That is why cruises are the best sort of fun family vacations. Of all the cruises out there, Carnival Cruises are among the best family cruises. Carnival Liberty and Carnival Freedom are known for their giant water slides, huge video arcades and outdoor movie arrangements. Disney Cruises are also very famous in the world. Disney Magic and Disney Wonder cruise around Bahamas, Mexico, Caribbean and Panama. You can find all the Disney characters on the cruise and there are cooking lessons, clubhouses, nighttime shows and baby-care centers available onboard.


Today activities on cruise liners are dedicated to teens as well. They get to enjoy spa treatments and other teen preferred action. As massive ships are introduced into the market, they offer more space for activities like bowling etc. The concept of themed cruises has also become popular. Themes include movies based cruises where you get to see animated movies of your choice and meet the relevant characters. Nickelodeon themed cruises include Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Jewel. As more and more families are opting for fun family vacations, the suites offered on cruises are more spacious and can accommodate the whole family. These cruises also offer a lot of food options so that vacationers can enhance their taste buds as well. Princess cruises are quite popular because their activities cater both to parents and children.

Tips and comments

When it comes to travelling with ease and comfort, there is no better option than a family cruise vacation. One price packages cover your food and lodging. You get to see so many places without the headache of packing and unpacking your luggage over and over again. You get to enjoy exciting on-board activities while keeping completely stress free. You cannot get stuck in traffic jams as you do in journey by land. You just need to select the vacation package of your choice and have fun family vacations while cruising.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/06/2012
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Fun Family Vacations - On Cruise!. 3 of 5 based on 10 votes.