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How To Save Money & Have Fun With Warm Vacations


When the weather gets too cold in the winter season, people mostly head out to places with moderate climate to spend some warm vacations. It is a good way to avoid the harsh winter season and go someplace else to unwind and relax. There are many places that offer comfortable and warm vacations along with a fun time in an affordable price.


If looking for a warm beach to spend your time, then Antigua is the answer. An island near the Bermuda, it offers many beaches and water activities for sport lovers. The temperature here hovers mostly around 80 degrees. For those who are not too fond of beaches can spend their warm vacations time in the Antigua’s capital city St. John, which is in the northern side of the country. Another option is to go to Rio de Janeiro which was formerly ruled by the Portuguese, who left it with a label of being one of the most party loving states. It has the famous samba clubs, which will keep you entertained throughout your stay. There are carnivals held as well that provide music and entertainment along with a chance to sample some great food. Religious statues are another aspect of the place making sightseeing another of the activities you can indulge in. Miami is another option boasting the most beautiful beach where you can soak in the sun along with enjoying some of the best and cheapest bed and breakfasts. The nightlife and water sports will provide a round the clock entertainment for you.


A better option is to remain within the US and go to Florida during the months of November and December when the weather is perfect for a beach holiday and the ocean is warm. There are some cheap priced hotels here for you accommodation. Package deals and coupons are also available. Palm Beach County is one of the places that are offer extra ordinary discounts for singles as well as the entire family. There are many amusement parks to be visited. Cheap tickets are available for theme and water parks and also some very beneficial packages that allow you to save more money than you would on regular rates. Disney World offers some great deals for the entire family along with benefits like exclusive early entry to parks before the official entry timings. These vacations will cost you a lot lesser than going to a foreign place. However, for a different experience, you can take a cruise holiday to Egypt. The weather is perfect for your warm vacations escape and the cruise will take you around the historically rich country through cities along the river Nile. Some cruises also offer a tour to the Luxor temple. To make this more affordable, you can opt for a smaller cruise ship like the Oberoi Scheherazade. Taking up eighty travelers on board, the ship is smaller but still has some fun activities for you to indulge in like a pool and a library. Virgin Islands are another destination you can cruise to. It allows a tour of an almost a dozen islands with scuba diving and such fun activities.

Tips and comments

It is mostly better to utilize packages being offered by different vacations spots. Also, since you would be visiting during the off season, you can avail you warm vacations in a reasonably low price than you would during the peak season. A lot of cheaper destinations are available for vacationing in the Asian side of the map as well, like Singapore and India that offer cheaper accommodations for you to spend the tough winter days and to also have a fun trip.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/31/2012
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