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Hawaii Vacation Tips For Couples


Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches and diverse scenery. Its tropical climate and active volcanoes along with it being surrounded by oceans makes it one of the top tourist destinations for Hawaii vacation, not only for surfers and volcanologists but couples too. The temperature is a little humid, summers are generally around 31C during day time and around 28 C during the nights. However, the temperature sometimes also drops down to 18 C. Hawaiian residents mostly only see two seasons either the dry season during May to October or the wet season from October to April. However the local climate of Hawaii can be divided into two types, the windward and the leeward areas. Where in the former, the weather is mostly cloudy, the latter i.e. leeward coasts are sunny. Therefore resorts mostly consider the leeward coasts making them ideal for a Hawaii vacation.

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The culture in Hawaii is Polynesian. Polynesians are people who inhabit the islands of Polynesia, and they generally share languages, cultures and beliefs. Hawaii is part of the Polynesian triangle due to which it adopts the Polynesian culture. Visitors may find many different cultural events when in Hawaii such as the Merrie Monarch Festival which is an international Hula competition and the Hawaii international film festival held for the Pacific Rim cinema. Therefore you will truly enjoy your Hawaii vacation.

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If you are planning Hawaii vacation, then it is a difficult decision to make because there are so many islands to choose from. Always choose at least two islands so that you can thoroughly enjoy them. It can be the best place to visit with your spouse if you are planning to go on a honeymoon as the sunsets are amazing. Consider going to Halekala to enjoy the sunrise, it will be the most special moment of your life with you cozying up with your spouse. You can even hire a helicopter and watch the islands from an aerial view. Visit Manale bay and arrange for an oceanic massage, it will be an exhilarating experience for you and your better half. The best time to do so will be during the sunsets because that time is the most soothing and will not only calm your nerves but will also bring you two closer. You can also visit parks and gardens on your Hawaii vacation. If you choose to go to Big Islands consider visiting Hawaii botanical tropical garden. Waterfalls are romantic too, therefore, visit them too as Hawaii is blessed with many. It will be a truly romantic experience for the newlyweds. Doing some adventures will also get you two closer and can be great fun. Discover the beautiful Hawaiian islands with your loved one.


The tourism industry got a boost in 2006 and 2007 through which the Hawaiian economy boosted. However, some factors deter visitors to visit Hawaii such as its airlines and cruise liners stopped operating in Aloha along with the increase in fuel prices and the global recessions overall decreased the flow of tourists. The state mostly sees tourists from South Korea and China, however, in 2011 Hawaii saw an increase in its tourism from foreign tourists from Canada, Australia and China who came to experience the ultimate Hawaii vacation.

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