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Choosing Vacations Rentals For Japan Vacations


Japan, an island in East Asia is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is known as the land of the rising sun. Japan has a temperate climate; however, it changes on a monthly basis. Because of its geographical distinctions it is divided into different climatic zones such as the Hokkaido, Sea of Japan, Central Highland, Seto Inland sea, Pacific Ocean and the Ryukyu Islands. Hokkaido has a temperate climate having cold winters and cooler summers. Rain is light and rarely heavy but the island has snow banks in winters. Summers are generally cool but the zone suffers sometimes from very hot temperatures. The central highland has a different climate than the Hokkaido and has an inland climate, the weather varies in summers and winters and the rain is light. The Pacific zone suffers really cold winters and hot summers. In the same way the Ryukyu Islands has a completely different climate from the other zones and has a subtropical climate which means the winters are warm and the summers are hot. People living in this area experience heavy rain, which is much heavier in the rainy season. Therefore, if you are planning Japan vacations, then consider looking at the different climatic zones and then plan your Japan vacations.

Japan has a high number of foreign tourists, the reason being that it has 16 popular world heritage sites such as the Himeji Castle and Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. Kyoto itself welcomes 30 million tourists each year. However, tourists also like to visit Tokyo, Nara and Mount Fuji. The above stated tourist destinations are the major ones for Japan vacations because of the Niseko Ski resort in Hokkaido, Mount Oscore in Tohoku region and the Hirosaki Castle in the Nakacho Samurai District. In the Kanto Region the most widely visited place is Tokyo.


After the Fukushima disaster which resulted in the melt down of the nuclear reactors Japan faced a major decrease in tourists and it declined by the month. However, to give their tourism industry a boost they announced that they would provide 10,000 round trip air tickets to get people visit Japan, but this was not approved by the Japanese government and Japan is facing a fall in the tourism industry because as stated by scientists it is not even safe to inhale the air in Japan, which is why no one wanted to visit Japan. People used to plan Japan vacations because it had a huge historical past, however because of the melt down, people started to avoid Japan for safety reasons.

Tips and comments

If you plan to visit Japan anytime soon than it is a good idea to look for good and cheap rentals because the Japanese currency, known as yen, has become expensive, therefore, you will need to choose a good hotel which not only provides the basic necessities but is also affordable. Read up on reviews regarding such rentals on the internet and plan your Japan vacations accordingly. You will surely have an amazing time.

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