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Adventure At Pocono Vacations


Looking for a short escape to a place which can stun you with its beauty? Tired of the monotonous work routine and desire to be treated royally for a while? Think now is the right time for you to experience all the adventures that you had always wished for? It’s time that you go for some Pocono vacations! The sky reaching mountains, the gorging valleys with steep sides, snow capped peaks and the lush green beauty of coniferous trees- all go hand in hand when you imagine the picturesque view while on Pocono vacations in Pennsylvania.


Pocono means ‘the stream between two mountains’. It is a region that is encompassed by lakes, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, as well as woodlands. Pocono is located on the outskirts of New York and is a must visit for all tourists visiting the United States. Pocono is a perfect place for all types of tourists; it provides for a blend of outdoor as well as indoor entertainment for tourists of all kinds. It offers tourist resorts of all sorts to the visiting tourists along with discounted packages to begin their adventure rides on hiking and mountain climbing. You can go for Pocono vacations for horseback riding, for white water rafting, fishing, for attending festivals, paintball as well as mountain biking. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bag packs and off you go to Pocono to have a lifetime experience!


Winters are the best time for you to go for Pocono vacations. For, that is the time when you can avail the best possible offers for various activities and can observe the soft snowflakes resting on the rough mountain ranges. If adventure is what you are seeking, you can get it right here in the form of skiing, snowboarding and sledding. The adventure Center has the Skytop Lodge that offers you the opportunity to have fun with rock climbing or gets lessons to learn how to Kayak, or find out ways to navigate the hotel’s 14 trails. Pocono is also a very romantic place to be. It used to be the honey moon hub in previous years; hence the large number of resorts that are there. It consisted of heart shaped tubs especially for the newly married couples and also had ceilings that comprised of mirrors. An example of such a resort in Pocono is the Cave Haven. Moreover, the Woodloch Pines Resort is also a romantic option that you can take. It’s rooms have spectacular views for their occupants with many giving direct view of the sun setting in near the waterfalls. Then there is the family side to Pocono where the resorts offer fun facilities to the tourists like gaming zones, bumper boats during winters and snow tubing. Pocono also has some interesting historical sites that are intriguing to explore. The Jim Thorpe Inn is a relevant example for the historical sites to visit.

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Hence, be it the experience of playing in the snow or surfing the deep valleys, snowboarding or rock climbing and mountain trekking- Pocono vacations are one thing that you have to experience once in a lifetime…or maybe more than that!

By Amara, published at 02/06/2012
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