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Treat Yourself To A Romantic Vacations In Oaxaca


Oaxaca Vacations are for those people who want to end the monotony in their lives and go someplace where there is culture, good food, a beautiful ambience inside a room or while having a walk outside in the fresh air and all of this while enjoying the company of someone who is close to your heart. Oaxaca vacations represent what every couple wants--a truly wonderful experience of a lifetime with the one you love.


Oaxaca is a small but charming city. It is situated in south-central Mexico, with its origins lodged decisively in the Spanish colonization of Mexico and the Amerindian heritages. Distant from the crowded and glamorous beaches of Cancun and other famous beaches, Oaxaca is a place where you can peacefully enjoy the rich culture of the place. The ones present in most number and known of Mexico’s cultural tribes are that of Zapotecs and Mixtecs. However, there are a total of sixteen recognized officially. The Central Valleys, where most of them reside is also a significant area with respect to tourism due to its archaeological sites and culture. Oaxaca vacations are the best way to learn about such cultures and have a good time while doing so.


Oaxaca has a wide range of hotels and lodging options. There is a mix of easy-on-the-wallet to full blown resorts so you have a large number of choices to choose from according to your budget. While on your Oaxaca Vacations, you will have a wide number of experiences. Take the cuisine as an example; Oaxacan cuisine is very popular among the tourists due to its very different approach towards Mexican cooking. The region is perhaps best known for its mole sauces, so much so that it is sometimes referred to as "the land of seven moles." These sauces have varying ingredients, ranging from chilies to chocolate or even both. If the cuisine appeals to you, you can even take cooking classes with your loved one and have with it! The city’s Zocalo is the main area where all major attractions are located. The city exudes a very lethargic aura and for that matter, you would surely love to stop by at a café just for the ambience. Roam around and explore the Iglesia de Santo Domingo. It is a church which is a glorious manifestation of Mexican architecture in the 16th century. The city of Zapotecs, Monte Alban, is another major attraction where you must go. It is located just outside the city. Discovering the culture of Mexico increases the excitement to a new degree. Nothing is more romantic than having dinner with the one you love. With a wide variety of restaurants, and even a wider variety of cuisine, a candle lit dinner for two is the perfect way to cap off your evening. If that is not enough, how about a romantic walk in one of the many national parks of Oaxaca. The fresh air, picturesque parks and the cool night breeze; The picture of a perfect romantic evening.

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Beautiful, exotic, charming, cultural, adventurous and most of all romantic; these are just some of the words that can be used to describe your Oaxaca vacations; the perfect way to spend your holidays with a loved one.

By Amara, published at 02/06/2012
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Treat Yourself To A Romantic Vacations In Oaxaca . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.