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Treat Yourself To A Romantic Vacations In Waikiki


Waikiki is a famous and people’s most favorite tourist destination. Everybody wants to experience Waikiki vacations. The place is bordered by Honolulu and the climate is generally warm and clear. It is one the best beaches in the world. It is so famous that people have attached Waikiki with Hawaii. Whenever someone plans a trip to Hawaii, the first thing they think of Waikiki. It is home for those who enjoy surfing and swimming as the water is very clear and one can enjoy swimming. It is an especially perfect place to learn surfing. It is also a good place for food lovers as almost each and every bar and restaurant serves delicious foods, thus, making it a perfect place for Waikiki vacations.


Waikiki has been a place for surfing since the 1800’s where the Hawaiian royalties used to use the beach for surfing. George Lycurgus created the first resort and since then, it became a popular tourist spot for Waikiki vacations. At that time, the guest house was the only resort available. However today Waikiki is filled with many 5 star hotels and the resorts that each year hold surfing competitions, hula dancing and outrigger canoe races. Therefore, someone on such a vacation will not get bored because there are many different events making it an ideal place to go with children.


If you are planning a romantic getaway, then Waikiki is the perfect location. Watching the sunrise and sunset is beautiful scenery to enjoy with your loved one. Waikiki sunsets are something which if you miss your Waikiki vacations will be incomplete. Having a romantic dinner in front of a beautiful beach is an amazing feeling. There is a lot to discover in Waikiki as from east to west, the area has a lot of beaches such as the Kahanamoku Beach which is a manmade beach on Ala Moana. Then adjacent to a park is the Fort DeRussy Beach which is one of the most popular beaches and a good place if you want to do some snorkeling. The area is also rich in coral reefs. Then, the Royal Manoa beach is another very crowded beach. The Queens Surf beach is another good beach which is good for snorkeling. The first thing you should do when you reach Waikiki is to decide which place you should visit. If you are planning a romantic getaway then a quitter beach will be ideal for you such as the San Souci Beach. Beaches in Waikiki offer free movies and watching a movie along with the sunset and with the company of your loved one will make your vacations worthwhile, therefore, you must do this for sure.

Tips and comments

If you visit the beaches, then you must do surfing. If you do not know how to do it, then there are people offering beginner lessons. The waves are calm which makes it ideal for surfing. Another good thing you should do when you visit the beach is to tour the coast of Waikiki through a submarine, watching the calm and tranquil marine life and coral reefs is a must thing. Plan a romantic vacation with your soul mate and enjoy the picturesque locations on your Waikiki vacations.

By Amara, published at 01/31/2012
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Treat Yourself To A Romantic Vacations In Waikiki . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.