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Chesapeake Bay is an estuary in the United States, which is an enclosed area where water is accumulated with the help of rivers flowing into it, which in turn flows into the open sea. It is stated that more than 150 rivers drain into the Chesapeake Bay. The bay is 200 miles long and 2.8 miles wide. Even though there have been many environmental issues, it is known for its beauty which makes it an ideal place for Chesapeake vacations. The climate is humid and subtropical which means the summers are very hot and humid whereas the winters are mildly cold, therefore, if you are planning a Chesapeake vacations it is a good idea to visit it during winters. It is a rare sight for the bay to freeze during the winter season and the last time such a sight was seen was during 1977. The bay contains fresh and salty water as it is an estuary.


Chesapeake Bay is known for seafood and blue crabs along with oysters. There is a growing industry for oyster farming and this maintains the productivity of the estuary. Due to the area being rich in oysters they are made in different sauces to attract customers. The oysters tend to keep the water of the bay clean as they are natural filters and due to their decline, the quality of the water is declining too. The main tourist attractions at the Chesapeake Bay are fishing, crabbing, swimming, boating, kayaking and sailing. These activities are thoroughly enjoyed by the tourists visiting the bay for Chesapeake vacations and the increased influx of these tourists in to the bay has helped provide a boost to the economy.


Mostly families are seen at the bay as the water is glassy and smooth. The sight is so beautiful that one believes it to be a piece of heaven on earth. All the above things make it an ideal place for tourists because it has almost everything one plans to expect when deciding to go for a Chesapeake vacations. From fishing to swimming, the bay has everything. The food here is amazing, therefore, for food lovers the place is a paradise. There are crabs and oysters too, dipped in different sorts of sauces that draw water in your mouth. Apart from food and activities the place is beautiful and if you have a good hotel which has a good view, your stay will become much more amazing, because waking up to a beautiful view is an indescribable feeling.

Tips and comments

However, the best way to enjoy your vacation is to have a good hotel which is comfortable and has all the basic necessities of life. Look for places which offer good breakfast because a beautiful view coupled with amazing breakfast is a perfect combination. But sometimes you need the freedom of your own house when you go out for a vacation, therefore, it will be a good idea to rent an apartment such as the Annapolis waterfront which has a private beach, a hot tub and is a five bedroom apartment. Another good place to rent is the Waterfront house, eastern shore in Centreville, which is a four bedroom apartment and is an ideal place to live. Consider all these places and see which one suits you and enjoy your Chesapeake vacations.

By Amara, published at 01/31/2012
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