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Cook Islands Vacations For Family Fun!


Cook Island is located near the South Pacific Ocean. The area attracts almost 100,000 visitors each year coming for Cook Islands vacations, which makes tourism its main element of the economy along with offshore banking, pearls and other marine and fruit exports. It is in between the French Polynesia and American Samoa. There are 15 major islands there, divided into two groups; the southern cook and the northern Cook Islands. The formation of the island was because of a volcanic activity and the climate is moderate to tropical. It is an ideal place for Cook Islands vacations.


People started to settle in the Cook Islands in the 6th century, these people were Polynesian and they migrated from Tahiti, which is a nearby area towards the southeast. After this, some Spanish ships visited the islands during the 16th century. However, the first recorded visit to the island was by Pedro Fernandez de Quiroz when he visited Rakahanga in 1606. Because of the fear that France might occupy Tahiti it became a British protectorate in 1888. After this, in 1901 the New Zealand government decided to annex it, even though there was much opposition from traditional chiefs. As it was governed by tribal chiefs, the area did not have any sort of statutory law and therefore, the New Zealand government decided the constitutional constraints of the country’s annexation. To learn about this history you must plan Cook Islands vacations soon.


People speak English here, and Cook Islands language; Maori. There are different cook island dialects and all its dialects are derived from Tahitian and New Zealand’s Maori. Christian songs are popular and for traditional dance and songs, the Polynesian language is still popular. The place is very beautiful and therefore attracts a number of visitors. The place has a very rich cultural heritage. The traditional dance is still popular and the songs are very different and unique, to experience this, Rarotonga is an ideal place to touch. There are different places to see and explore, from buildings to shipwrecks, the place has everything. The most famous place to visit is the parliament building; there is a chance that you might get to see a parliament in session. Where the parliament is not in session you might get a short tour of the building. If you love to watch golf then the Rarotonga golf club is a must visit, it is open from Monday to Friday and has a good bar as well, if you want to relax after your game. You can even visit the Cook Islands cultural village if you want to learn about the culture of the country, this will take up your entire day and you will learn some amazing facts about the place so plan a Cook Islands vacations.

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Visit any of the above mentioned places and enjoy your trip to Cook Islands. Anybody can assure you that you will completely enjoy each and every minute spent there because the place is so beautiful and has so many different places to see that you might get surprised, therefore plan Cook Islands vacations with your family soon.

By Amara, published at 01/31/2012
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Cook Islands Vacations For Family Fun!. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.