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Southern California Family Vacations Everyone Will Love


Today, vacations have become a necessity; because of the increasing inflation and recession our tensions have increased too. It is a proven fact that the major factor of aging is taking increased tensions, however, not only aging but taking tensions also leads to many fatal diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. These things are not to be taken lightly and require medical attention, therefore, try to eliminate the root cause by at least visiting a good tourist spot to relax yourself and to let go the daily life issues and keep your mind free of all the problems. Southern California is one such location which will make you forget all your worries and will at least for some time keep you tension free, it is an ideal place for southern vacations, therefore, plan your southern vacations soon.


Southern California has everything from skiing resorts to Hollywood and the golden gate bridge. Whatever you prefer you can and whichever activity you like the most you can choose from a wide variety of options. Hollywood, as everybody recognizes is the central movie studio and has an amazing nightlife along with shopping and tourism. If you are a movie buff you will be amongst the thousands of tourists visiting Hollywood to see a glimpse of their favorite star, not only this, but it has many different landmarks, such as the Hollywood walk of fame, Hollywood bowl, Universal Studios Hollywood and many other such attractions. The golden gate bridge is another famous tourist attraction and landmark bridge of California which is 4200 foot long, once you begin crossing it, you will enjoy picturesque view of the entire bay area, the bridge connects San Francisco to Marin County. Amongst all the tourist attractions in California, the best and the most entertaining in the world is Disneyland Park. It has amazing rides and attractions along with shops and restaurants. The rides are very exciting and no matter what age you are, you will definitely enjoy the rides such as Space Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, Matterhorn and Pirates of The Caribbean. If you are an adult and require some adult fun then you can head to downtown Disney, which offers dining and excellent shopping making it an ideal place for southern vacations.


If you are a ski lover then California ski resorts are something you should not miss, snow covered mountains are the home of many other ski lovers. Along with this, there are many snowboard resorts, and terrain parks. Alcatraz Island used to be a prison once upon a time and is a very intriguing tourist attraction of today. It is built on San Francisco bay and is a very interesting tour to see some abandoned prison cells and enjoy your southern vacations.

Tips and comments

Choose any of the above mentioned places for southern vacations and you will not regret it for sure because each place has so much to offer that you not get tired. Give each tourist spot a day at least so that you can fully enjoy the trip, relax your mind and give yourself the much required break. If you take your children along and they will enjoy a lot to because California offers everything for all age groups.

By Amara, published at 02/01/2012
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Southern California Family Vacations Everyone Will Love. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.