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Tips On Last Minute Southwest Family Vacations


During your southwest family vacations, Santa Fe and many other destinations are perfect for holiday planners who looking for pure taste, art and culture. You will find world class galleries and dining along with diverse shopping. America is known for its architecture and the Native American cultural representations and offers a lot to make your southwest family vacations memorable.


To get to your destination for southwest family vacations, Southwest Airlines is good option. With the Southwest Airlines, tourists can avail discounted deals to about 59 cities in America. The fares are reasonably low and packages are offered to further benefit you. There are separate youth fares and senior fares are also offered for special rates.


Santa Fe is basically a desert that stands on a 7000 feet tall plateau and the hub of arts and culture. Formed during the 17th century, the city has seen four hundred years of Mexican and Spanish rule which is also evident in its façade. To begin your southwest family vacations in Santa Fe, the plaza is a good choice to visit. A palace for governors it is situated right across the street with the fine art museum. Formed in 1917, this museum boasts a collection of twenty thousand art pieces. Artists include Elias River, Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keeffe, who are also some of the artists responsible for the making of Santa Fe. There also a museum dedicated to the work of the famous painter George O’Keeffe. It is the most visited lace by tourists from around the globe. You will find his work like Crimson Weed and Abstraction White here, which is known to be world famous. The recently opened history museum in New Mexico is another attraction. Based on ninety six thousand square feet, the place is known for its creativity in the field of arts. It exhibits some beautiful Native American art pieces that are unique in style and very rare. There are shows at the Lensic center for performing Arts that the visitors can enjoy at the end of a tiring day. The Grand Canyon, Arizona is another southwestern destination offering memorable experiences, including Canyon Hiking and mule rides. There are also the Wild West train rides to be enjoyed. Touring to the monument valley in north Arizona should also be on the top of your list. Being a tribal park of the Navajo, the sight has some interesting views to see. Lake Tahoe in Nevada is another irresistible holiday spot for those who love outdoor activities and water sports. It represents the true spirit of the southwest. San Antonio, Texas is another famous destination. Being rated on the eighth number as the largest city of the US, it offers some historical and traditional attractions worth visiting.

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Some extremely reasonable hotels and restaurants are offer for your stay. The meals provided are delicious, depicting the true Native American tastes and flavors, and discounts are offered depending on the package deals you choose. The southwest family vacations are a perfect blend of arts and entertainment along with the perfect culinary expertise to make your holidays memorable.

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