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If you had the opportunity to travel the world of pure art, sports and beauty, what place would you choose? As for millions of tourists every year, Greece appears to be one of the most appropriate destinations all over the world in this account. As the birthplace of history, drama, philosophy, art and most popularly, the origin of the Olympics, Olympia vacations offer you with everything including its cultural heritage, rich history, inspirational architectures and a closer look at the much talked about Olympia along with an amazing experience for sure.


Olympia, the site was an ancient sanctuary in Elis, Greece dates back in the 10th century BC when archeologists discovered this place. Most commonly known as the site from where the modern day Olympic Games have been derived from, various games have been taking place since well before 776 BC. As for the first series of the Olympic Games held in honor of Zeus in Olympia, began the trend of a series of these games after every four years. With the technicality of the site’s history that was abolished and reconstructed quite a lot of times due to the coinciding views of different rulers and persons of high ranks, the location managed to survive its history as well as its activity through all good and bad times. This makes Olympia vacations perfect for history fanatics. As a result since 1950 until today, the place is living in the reflection of one of the parabolic mirrors of the Temple of Hera.


In order to start your journey to the Olympia vacations, you may choose this world famous destination as your first visit and if you are lucky enough to get your reservations in time of the Olympic Games, you are guaranteed the time of your life with unlimited celebrations. To enjoy the life sized statues and monuments here; you must take a look at Hermes by Praxiteles to take a look at the most well carved masterpieces of art. While traveling on your vacation through this historic hometown of the Olympic Games, you can also enjoy exploring the Ancient Olympia’s sites and its Archeological museum decked up with endless finds of all kinds that were found from here. Moreover, if you are a wine fan, you can visit the best of it at the Olympia Land Winery, they offer a wide range of different wines. Other than that, Greece in itself is filled with museums with history, amusement and theme parks, along with theaters and many more attractions.

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With a destination like Olympia vacations, you can always find your perfect gateway with exclusive packages of Greek islands, cruises, honeymoon hideouts and many more for couples and/or your family. With its rich culture and history, it is also very efficient when it comes to providing great accommodation facilities in any budget, big or small. You can look for great deals and discounts on the offered packages by the hotels and resorts of the land of Olympia in order to achieve the best of your vacations. As a result, you are sure to enjoy a fun filled vacation to Greece in this season with the best of history, art and Olympia!

By Amara, published at 01/31/2012
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Greece Vacations, The Land Of Olympia. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.