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Greece Sailing Vacations

Published at 07/16/2011 18:12:17

 The coastlines of Greece provide the best sailing grounds in the world. The deep blue water, dolphins, thousands of wonderful fishing ports and a blend of beautiful archeological sites along with spectacular sceneries make this place the most excellent spot for a sailing vacation. Moreover, the medieval and mythological historical significance of Greece adds a distinct appeal to this sailing experience. There are several beautiful isles in this part of the Mediterranean. One can visit the dense concentration of Islands in the Aegean and the Lonian Sea. Lefkas and Corfu in the Lonian Sea are most cherished among many sailors. The Islands of the Aegean Sea are divided into the Cyclades, Dodecanese and the Sporades. Cyclade islands such as Kea, Mykanos and Santorini are especially famous for the most mesmerizing sight of a red sun in the clear blue sky during sunset which is due to the presence of a volcano. Whereas, Dodecanese islands brag of Patmos, where St. John wrote about the Apocalypse aver nine centuries ago. Sailing in the Greek seas is an exclusive experience that is encased both in beauty and myth.

 There are many ways to sail on the Greek coastline.  You can start your sailing adventure by hiring a bareboat. Bare boats provide great safety however; you will have to do the rowing and navigation by yourself. If you are not too sure of yourself or a little hesitant, you have the option to hire a skipper who will guide you through the tour. Another stunning cruising opportunity is Flotillas. Flotilla sailing involves one leading ship which is followed by several other boats. Greece is a perfect location for a Flotilla sailing holiday. However, flotillas follow a set route therefore may get boring at times. One more sailing facility is to hire your own traditional craft. These are small wooden boats that can hold a lesser number of people. On the contrary if you wish to enjoy your sailing vacation with a large group, you can charter a Yacht or go for catamarans.

 Renting a cabin or a just a single berth with a skipper to enjoy sailing in the company of other cabin charterers is also an excellent experience. You can simply enjoy the sun without worrying about managing the Yacht or your personal safety. While you spend your day sailing in the open seas and explore breath taking sceneries of diverse islands, you can stop by the beautiful resorts during night time and enjoy dance and food with other sailors and make your vacations more enjoyable and fun. A Greek sailing vacation is not as costly as in some other holiday locations. The peak season for sailing vacation in Greece begins from around March and goes on up to December. At the end of the year, there are still some sailors plying their boats along the famous Greek Islands.

Tips and comments:

The Greek coast is renowned for its clear blue waters, the exotic Mediterranean weather and extraordinary sights of whales and friendly dolphins. What makes Greece coastlines especially more charming and eye-catching are the beaches along the coastline. Most of the beaches and yachting marinas have been awarded the Blue Flag for their high extraordinary services. All of this makes Greece one of the best tourist destinations in the world.