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The Best Places To Go For A Low Budget Vacations

Published at 07/16/2011 18:35:14
Exotic destinations and low-budget vacations never sounded so easy before, but with the economy running down, people are trying to find increasingly cheap means to plan a vacation. However, cutting down a budget does not necessarily mean cutting down the fun as you can now plan and go on a vacation with your low-costing budgets and double the fun! It is not as difficult as it sounds as the world now offers so many affordable alternatives to its exotic destinations.
Despite being one of the top city destinations, Barcelona offers an uncomplicated accommodation facility along with highly cheap transportation and comfortable rooms cheaper than 20 Euros/night. One can also avail the fine 10 euro three course meals at lunch which seldom includes wine or beer and is available in all of its districts. It also offers inexpensive loose jazzy nights costing about 5 euro that often give away free food and drinks. Cheap cinemas, parks, and Barcelona’s fiestas are guaranteed low-budget entertainments. There is also an option of going to Florida for a vacation where a standard motel costs around $50/night and it can be enjoyed thoroughly by beach-lovers specially. Costa Rica also stands in the running of cheap vacation spots as one can easily find hotels for as low as $15/night and can enjoy its marvelous free destinations like the virgin rainforests, parks, mountains and beaches. It also offers unlimited fiestas all round the year with highly cheap food and activities like live music, bullfighting and dancing, all for free!
Without drilling a hole in your pockets, one can always consider vacationing in Maui with its impeccable atmosphere, great marine life, waterfalls and forest trails; all for free. A Greece vacation getaway can also be considered as it provides a wide range of cheap accommodation facilities, affordable restaurants, impressive archeological tours and endless low-costing bars to steal the night away. For vacationing in another party town, Amsterdam also holds a spot for experiencing a carefree lifestyle along with its great nightlife. Here, hotels start from $17/night; the nightlife offers low coverage charges and international restaurants serve quality food at fewer prices. Furthermore, high ranking cities like Vancouver is also available for low-budget vacationing as it supports a very low budget life and boasts hotels for as less as $9/night. It offers excellent international cuisines at highly affordable prices and endless entertainment costing not more than a dime!

Tips and comments:

There are many ways to reduce the cost of your vacations which include: rather than looking for a hotel, try staying at a family or relative’s house or borrowing a room/cabin. This will not only help with cutting down the hotel cost, but also the food expense as you will prefer dining with your family/relatives. You should also look for all the required information of your desired vacation destination and plan the dos and don’ts of it so that you know exactly where your money goes without wasting a penny. One of the best ways to cut down money on a vacation is by booking yourself in advance as a lot of hotels offer discounted prices if you book months earlier. Moreover, one should always keep track of the discount deals available throughout the year.