You'd Be Mad To Miss Out On Madagascar Vacations
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You'd Be Mad To Miss Out On Madagascar Vacations

Published at 02/01/2012 20:54:00


You'd Be Mad To Miss Out On Madagascar Vacations

Made more popular because of the exciting animated movie “MADAGASCAR,” the island was already known for hosting great and exclusive vacation experiences. During your vacations, Madagascar will let you experience exotic jungle landscapes, pure clean beaches and a simple lifestyle. Therefore, for the best and entertaining vacations Madagascar is the perfect choice. It is one of the best vacations you will ever experience.


You'd Be Mad To Miss Out On Madagascar Vacations

Being the fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar is full of fascinating things. Firstly, the island is home to the great animal species; the lemurs. These animals were the earliest habitants of the islands and you will find a large variety of other species as well to excite you here. The jungles are also filled with other exotic plants and animal life. This means that during your vacations Madagascar will ensure you the opportunity to come head to head with some of the rarest and most exotic species in the animal kingdom. If you are an animal lover, then you definitely have something of interest in this country.

It is advisable for you not to travel to Madagascar from January to March because the heavy rainfalls and cyclones cause roadblocks and will limit your movement. The best time is during the summer from May onwards. The country opens its national lemur park which is a great place for family fun picnicking and seeing the lemurs in their natural habitat. Another great picnic spot is the Mantasoa. The area is an artificial lake with forest trees and allows families to enjoy all the lake side activities they can think of but if you are looking for some real beach fun then you should also visit Mahajanga. The city is near the river Betsiboka, which is the largest river in all of Madagascar. The city has amazing beaches and it is notable that these beaches are shark-free, so you can rest assured when your kids are out in the ocean water enjoying. You will also get to enjoy some great water sports here.


You'd Be Mad To Miss Out On Madagascar Vacations

Moreover, you can take a trip to the island of Sainte Marie. Back in the 1700s this place was a haven for pirates and black market trade. At this beach as well, you will enjoy great water sports activities along with all of the amazing stories of the place related to pirates in bars and restaurants. The resorts and hotels are not exactly as exotic as they are shown to be in the movies, but they are something. To experience comfortable vacations Madagascar offers The Royal beach hotel, which is a popular choice among tourists, facing one of the most beautiful deep water bays on the island, Madirokely. It is also near the village of Ambatoloaka and is famous for its restaurants and the friendliness of the locals.Even the Princesse Bora Lodge, which is a vast palm grove, lines the white sandy beach and the tranquil lagoon.

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Yes, Madagascar is definitely a paradise. Sandy beaches, exotic wildlife and calm and supportive natives are there to get you all the help you need exploring the country. So start planning now for your vacations Madagascar is waiting for you.