Great Spots For  Vacations To Miami
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Great Spots For Vacations To Miami

Published at 02/01/2012 23:48:14


Great Spots For  Vacations To Miami

It is said that nature is the best physician. Thinking of this statement, the best city that comes to one’s mind is Miami. Miami was voted as “Cleanest City of USA" for its clean air and vast green spaces by Forbes Magazine in 2008. The city is also endowed with clean water and streets. Among other good qualities the city also offers distinguished recycling programs. So to savor this and much more, there are great spots for vacations to Miami. With its lush green bays, balmy marinas and varying tropical climate, Miami is home to much entertainment and has great spots for vacations. To grab a quick insight into the great spots for vacations to Miami, we should begin with its stretched out beaches. Be it leisure time with a loved one or a need to seek solitude, Miami beaches provide an excellent resort for both, the city also helps create an air of romance with its Cuban influenced rumba and conga.


Great Spots For  Vacations To Miami

The city shares a thousand year old history as the area was inhabited by the Tequestas. The city got its Latin or Spanish influence as a result of the claiming of the area by Pedro Menedez de Aviles for Spain. The area was officially incorporated as a city in 1896. The city played an important role against the German submarines in World War II. Miami has been divided into four different sections: the North, South, West and Downtown. The Downtown area has a lot of museums. The city of Miami has a distinction among other places of the world as it proposes not only charming beaches but a taste of exquisite diverse cuisines -- a mix of Caribbean Cuisine and Latin American Cuisine. It can be said without a doubt that the great spots for vacations to Miami have been augmented by the mere fact that the nightlife in Miami never sleeps.


Great Spots For  Vacations To Miami

For tourists’ eyes to feast, Miami has year-round festive activities which include theaters, attractive performing art centers. Amongst the newly added great spots is the Adrienne Arsht Centre for Performing Arts. This art center happens to be the second largest performing arts center in the United States. The top rated hotels in Miami include the EPIC Hotel, JW Marriott, Hotel Beaux Arts, Hampton Inn and Suites Miami/Brickell and Sonesta Bayfront Hotel. Also there are world class fine golfing resorts such as the Biltmore Hotel. The hotel is regarded as a personal favorite by former President Bill Clinton. For youngsters, Miami offers the full of zeal clubbing mania. Miami’s clubs are internationally acclaimed and gather the young spirits from around the globe. Vacations to Miami do not neglect children; there is Metrozoo, the Miami Children’s Museum and the Miami Seaquarium for their recreation.

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Miami is without a doubt the best vacation package where one can spend the day basking at the beach or shopping at the bountiful shops. At night, pleasure may be procured from the clubs. The great spots also include Coral Gables in the south, which is built out of coral limestone and features Spanish colonial styled homes. The highlight of this place is the Venetian Pool. For tourists to revel, there is the Key Biscayne, which has Florida’s number one ranking marine attractions. Coconut Grove, an old Miami neighborhood, offers its guests a unique shopping experience. There is also an Italian-style palace at Vizcaya Museum for visitors to enjoy. Little Havana, the Cuban neighborhood, is packed with Cuban flavors to delight the palate. So the next time one wishes to have the most diverse and unforgettable time, vacations to Miami can be a great choice