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Incredible Paris Vacations

Published at 07/17/2011 01:38:16

 Paris is the capital city of France and is situated on the River Seine, in northern France, at the heart of the lle-de-France region. The name Paris derives from that of its pre-Roman-era inhabitants, the Gaulish tribe, which was known as the Parisii. Before the city was called Paris, it was called Lutetia during the first to the sixth century Roman occupation, but the present name began to replace this towards the end of that period. Located in the north of the country on the river Seine, Paris has the reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, brimming with historic associations and remaining vastly influential in the realms of culture, art, fashion, food and design.

 Well informed, eloquent and oh-so-romantic, the ‘City of Light’ is a philosopher, a poet, a crooner. As it always has been, Paris is a million different things to a million different people. Paris has all but exhausted the superlatives that can reasonably be applied to any city. Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower – at sunrise, at sunset, at night – have been described countless times, as have the Seine and the subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences between the Left and Right Banks. But what writers have been unable to capture is the grandness and even the magic.

 Paris probably has more familiar landmarks than any other city in the world. As a result, first-time visitors often arrive in the French capital with all sorts of expectations: of grand vistas, of intellectuals discussing weighty matters in cafés, of romance along the Seine, of naughty nightclub revues, of rude people who won’t speak English. If you look hard enough, you can probably find all of those. But another approach is to set aside the preconceptions of Paris and to explore the city’s avenues and backstreets as if the tip of the Eiffel Tower or the spire of Notre Dame wasn’t about to pop into view at any moment.  Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly one of the most prominent vacation spots for tourists. A visit to this place isn't complete if you don't get to see its famous landmarks and establishments. If you are planning a trip to Paris it would be interesting to know some information about the Eiffel Tower. If you visit Paris, you simply must see the Eiffel Tower. Of course, a trip to Paris is hardly complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. The Louvre Museum is one of the largest and arguably the world´s most famous art museum. The building is a former royal palace. Louvre's most famous piece is Mona Lisa. It was painted by the famous Italian renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. This is perhaps the most famous painting in the whole history.  Louvre is situated in the center of Paris between the river Seine and Rue de Rivoli. One should make sure they visit this museum on their Paris vacation. Musee du Louvre, Chateau de Versailles, Centre Pompidou, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur and Les Champ Elysees are other places worth visiting in Paris.

Tips and comments:

 The guided tours are often the best way to see the most important places, before you are familiar with the nook and cranny of Paris. If you have a restricted budget, it would be beneficial to know when there is lower entering cost.