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St Lucia Vacations- Landscapes And Exotic Rainforests


Take a break from the busy life and the noisy streets for a moment, think of the first place that hits your mind as the most peaceful one. Yes, as a result, you might have thought of a quiet landscape or a rich green forest where you can hear the crisp of the leaves as the wind hits them and sound of each droplet that falls on your skin. All of these dreams of yours can come true if you choose St Lucia vacations this year. With all of these mind-blowing landscapes and exotic rainforests overpowering with natural beauty, you are surely to have the best time of your life on these St Lucia Vacations. So wait no more and make your dream come true now!


Arawaks, or the earliest known inhabitants of Saint Lucia, are believed to come here somewhere from the Northern South America in about 200 to 400 BC. Traces of these people and their culture have been found by modern archeologists as a well-done set of pottery revealing the finesse of their crafts even back in the days. With the high count of iguanas in this island, the earliest people here called it ‘louanalao’ meaning land of the iguana. Gradually, the Arawaks were replaced by the Caribs by the 800 to 1000 CE until the Europeans invaded this land. As the land was located by the stronger nations, it was under a long period of struggle and warship but at least ended up in the United Kingdom’s hands safely. As the island beauty was later recognized by the rest of the world as well, St Lucia vacations started taking place here and gained its fame.


With a box loaded with fun things and the best places to capture on these St Lucia vacations, one just cannot seem to stop gazing at the utterly beautiful beaches here. Great adventures like going through the leftovers of Fort Rodney and a trip to in drive in volcano also sound fun along with snorkeling to experience the vibrant marine life of this island. One can always choose from a number of tours across this island as well, depending on the complexity of these tours. For example, a basic rainforest tour will last one hour giving you a general view of it, while other complex tours may last for 3 to 4 hours or maybe more while taking you in the depths of them across the mountains, waterfalls and hiking trails or you can simply take a helicopter trip. A visit to the famous Piton Mountain can also be made and activities like: a swim under a waterfall, hiking, surfing, fishing, and sailing can be thoroughly enjoyed as well by all vacationers. With the perfect tropical weather, there is always the advantage of absolutely fresh seafood as well as fresh fruits of different varieties from the exotic rainforests.

Tips and comments

When planning your St Lucia vacations, you must keep the following tips and tricks in mind in order to get the best of your trip. Starting with equipping yourself with a bundle of clean drinking water, you can keep easy breezy clothing with yourself to enjoy the best of the island’s weather. If you are looking for cheap accommodation facilities, you can book your resort or hotel in advance or look up for online deals and discounts on these facilities. Also, do not forget to keep a fine straw hat, a pair of sunglasses, a sunscreen lotion and your favorite pair of beach slippers to spend your vacation in style!

By Amara, published at 01/31/2012
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St Lucia Vacations- Landscapes And Exotic Rainforests. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.