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Caribbean is a group of island that divides the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea. As it is located on the Caribbean plate it has at least 7,000 islands. West Indies is the name they are known from. The Caribbean climate varies as the area as a flat terrain and is a non-volcanic region. The climate is tropical and the rainfall differs with the height, mass and the sea currents. There is sunshine all year round and the climate is divided into two seasons the dry and the wet seasons the initial months are drier and the last months are wetter. Therefore plan your Carribean vacations with all these factors in mind so that you can enjoy your Carribean vacations.


All Caribbean islands boast of exotic beaches therefore, if you are planning Carribean vacations then you must be a beach lover, all you can dream of here in the Caribbean are the beaches. The beaches are so beautiful with white sand that you will be spell bound in the first sight and that is a promise. The sky is clear and the water is crystal clear too therefore, if you enjoy beaches then this vacation will turn out to be the best one for you because, you will just fall in love with the beautiful palm trees and the clear water. There are a lot of beaches here hence to choose from them, is quite difficult, but for the sake of it Jamaica is one of the largest and the most diverse islands in the Caribbean region. One of the best Jamaican beaches is the Frenchman’s Cove where the salt water is enhanced by fresh water pouring into the sea. Sitting here, watching the beautiful sun rise and set will mark a great start and end to your perfect Caribbean vacations.


Next in line is the Barbados, which can be a perfect place for you if you are sick and tired of cozy coves, this is located in the Atlantic Coast of Barbados and is a good place to sit and watch the waves crush itself on Crane beach. The waves here are too rough therefore it is not an ideal place for swimming, if you are interested in swimming then you can go to Sandy lane, which is a resort and you can spend your entire day lazing around in your bed watching the beautiful view from your hotel window marking a great end to your Carribean vacations. The next in line is famously known as the butterfly shaped island and is called the Guadeloupe. This is divided into two areas; Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, where the former is volcanic and has a lot of forests and the latter has around 50 beaches. Therefore, if you want a beach trip then the latter would be perfect for you. You will find a lot of nude beaches here and you will also notice that there are a lot of tourists along with natives too. The adventurous part of this place is that you can either access the island through foot or through a scooter therefore, this makes it a bit private and is not too crowded.

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The best beach on this island is the La Plage de Pomipierre, which has beautiful palm trees and clear water. This can be a beautiful place to spend your Carribean vacations.

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